Copywriting, Book Editing and Proofreading are three aspects of writing I have found myself to be great
at. Just like I’ve done for all my previous clients, the results I’ll produce will blow your mind.

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If you are hearing it for the first time, Copywriting is simply the art of producing a write- up that drives engagement towards a product or service. Think of it as what a salesman tells a prospective client to get them interested in a product without making them feel bored. It is the literary version of what a man who sells drugs in the public sprinter in Ghana  does.

For the past few years, I have written more than 4,000 articles that have been read over 16 million times by social media users on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and direct readers. This is aside my opinion articles on,,,, and others.

I have learnt what works when it comes to grabbing the attention on the Internet. I have experimented, examined, observed and seen first hand how algorithms work on the major social media platforms. In some cases, I have witnessed how just one word in a headline can either make or break the performance of a brilliant piece online.

If you are looking to get engagement for any form of advertisement on social media, I can write you a copy that will be on the favourable side of social media algorithms and get the attention needed. I have got three different packages to suit your specific need. Click here and let’s get started [Linked to downloadable pdf]


A great book editor is not just a person who has great command over the English Language. He must
also be committed to finding errors, passionate and attentive to detail.

Authors I’ve worked with

“I must say your method of editing and proofreading makes it much easier for the author to notice their mistakes. I was surprised at how fast the work was done, and after your input, I felt the book was already on the “bestselling” shelf. You add much more spice than just editing.”

Joseph Nsiah Donkoh (CEO, Nsiah Creatives)
“Your attention to every single detail and also your ability to communicate with the author before
effecting a major change ensures you do a clean job”

Ebenezer Essuman (Founding Partner, Synergy Empire Inc.)
“I am so grateful to you for the awesome work done on this book. I must say, I am highly impressed by your work, especially with the professionalism you portrayed in all of our dealings. Your dexterity over the English Language and your diligence in putting together ideas have gone a long way in adding to the overall shape of the book. Thank you for all the time spent on this project. It was an honour working with you. I look forward to working with you again on my subsequent projects.”

Kenneth Yeboah (CEO, GloKennies Foundation)
I took the time to explore a good number of Newyork Times bestsellers and made a list of 27 peculiarities they have that most other books lack. I employ these strategies in every book I work on whilst maintaining the unique style and tone of the author.

If you work with me, you’ll get:

  • Grammatical corrections
  • Reordering/restructuring of sentences for greater impact
  • Detailed fact-checking
  • Improvement of flow
  • Clear and unambiguous sentences
  • General improvement on the author’s voice

Every author I’ve worked with has been highly impressed with my expertise. Let’s work on yours.
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I have a special prowess for any piece of literature you may need to be seen by another eye. Typical examples are Cover Letters, Personal Statements, Short Stories, Articles for Official Publications and the like.

A few months ago, I shared the success story of a gentleman I assisted to secure a PhD in Mining with no master’s degree or first class and I had similar orders following that.

I am now utterly convinced that too many people out there are committing grave errors particularly on their personal statements. You can tell they put in a lot of effort by wiping out almost every grammatical error, formatting the text appropriately and portraying their ideas in the best possible way they

However, I often spot too many repetitions. If you want to restate anything, there’s a way to conceal it so the emphasis is made without making it apparent to the reader you’re simply trying to convince them.
The presentations I see also usually lack the compelling power that should make the enroller confident in the applicant. Many times, the applicant sounds as though they are pleading for the opportunity.

At other times, the manner in which they describe their future aspirations makes them look wishful. You must not sound proud. But you must sound confident. Yet, not overconfident. It takes somebody who thoroughly understands the art of writing to weave these ideas properly. If you would like me to do that for your write-up, whatever kind it may be, just reach out.

Click here and let’s get started [Linked to downloadable pdf]