A phone in my mouth? Really?

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

In 2013, I bought my first android phone. I was very excited. It was a Samsung Galaxy Star.

I was so elated that I remember reading everything in the manual. While at it, I came across a ridiculous statement.

The particular instruction was so odd to me that I even told my friend about it. It was a part that said, “do not insert in your mouth”.

A phone in my mouth? Really? Why that instruction? Why would I ever do that? Why would anyone ever do that?

I asked many questions. I thought it was just common sense not to try eating one’s mobile phone. 🙃

Then one evening, there was power outage and I needed to use the backlight of my phone to see. My hands were full too, so there was nowhere to put the phone. Before I knew, I had inserted my handset in my mouth.

When I realized what I’d done, my heart start to throb. I couldn’t believe myself.

For a moment, I realized that I might have probably done many wrongs in life because I felt I already knew.

That day, I had a renewed conviction to pay attention to anything I came across, whether I thought it made sense or not.

The Lesson

At some points in our lives, we may feel we know enough or are already good to go.

We may feel no need to listen for advice or read books because we are already “okay”.

But if we decide to just listen, we chances are, we woul learn something new or hear something that is ‘common sense’ but would still shift something in us.

And sometimes, it is just a little shift in our thoughts that are needed to make the biggest differences in our lives.

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