I knew how he got the money

When I was about 9, my closest friend was a boy named Atopley. I don’t clearly remember why but I loved him like a real brother. Everyone knew Atopley and Quist were best friends.

We had a lot of things in common. Among other things, our mothers were both teachers, we were in the same class at school and interestingly, our mothers both sold ice-water.

If you were born early enough, you’d know the difference between ‘pure water’ and ‘ice water’. Ice water was a version that was made at home, manually.

So on one interesting day, Atopley borrowed some money from me. He promised to bring it back the next day and he did exactly that. But I noticed something interesting when he was returning the money.

My friend went into his pocket and brought out the first coin. Then he went into the other pocket and brought out the second coin.

Immediately, I knew where he got the money. What he did was the same strategy I used as well.

Because my mum sold ice water, there was always some coins around in the house. And whenever you picked any, you had to put them in separate pockets each, to prevent them from clanging and announcing their presence.

So when my friend brought out the money the same way I used to, I instantly realized how he got it because his mum sold ice-water too.

When we got to class 5, my good friend had to leave for another school in another town. I didn’t hear from him again until five years later when we were back in the same class in high school after all those years.

The Lesson

Thinking about the drama, I discovered that the reason Atopley and I were so close when we were kids was that we thought alike and had similar lifestyles.

That was one main reason we were able to converge at the same point even after separating for five years.

People who think alike will likely go to the same place in life.

Not necessarily a “place” as a geographical location. But as a set of life circumstances.

The reason is that our lives are ruled by our thoughts. Our thoughts control the decisions we make every day and ultimately result in where we get to after a certain period of time.

This is so crucial especially in the choice of life partners. And it works for business partners, marriage partners and what have you.

The best way to choose a partner of any kind, is to select someone who is on the same mission as you; someone who thinks like you.

When you do, you are both likely to go far together without stress and if you don’t, you’re both likely to grow apart after sometime and struggle to fit together.

As written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

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