I was becoming a bad boy

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

By the time I got to primary 4, petty stealing was becoming something normal to me. You heard that right.

Together with my boys-boys squad, I’d take someone’s pen and change the look by scratching the surface or making a unique mark on it elsewhere.

We, the boys-boys, had several pens and that’s how we got most them.

But then there was this particular day that I bought a brand new four-pen.

Four-pen was a special kind with four different colours: blue, black, red and green. It was more expensive than the normal pens too.

By the time I knew it, the pen wasn’t in my pocket anymore. I looked everywhere but didn’t find it. Several moments later, I saw one of my boys-boys holding it.

I asked him for it and he said it wasn’t mine. I had a small mark on it too but he had altered it a bit differently. I was heartbroken. How could my own friend do this to me? I reported the case to our class teacher but couldn’t win the case.

I lost my beloved pen. It almost felt like seeing my child taken away from me. I was so hurt that from that moment, that day, I made a vow to myself.

I promised never to put anyone through that kind of hurt any longer. And that’s how my petty stealing ended.

It’s been over 15 years since that day and I’ve not taken anybody’s pen or coin.

If I absolutely had to use someone’s item if the person was not around, I’d alert them when they came or readily admit if they asked about it first.

In high school, for instance, I used 5 different calculators but I graduated with none. Each one was stolen. I’d buy, they’d steal and the cycle repeated. Sometimes, I had to sit for subjects like Core Mathematics exams without a calculator.

But in those hard moments, I always saw calculators lying under people’s desks after class or during prepping hours. Yet, I took none because I’d made a promise to myself in primary 4.

The Lessons

🔮 Number one

You see, I believe everyone of us has some vows we made to ourselves.

But for most people, when things get tough, they soften and violate the promises they made to themselves.

That’s not a true sign of character. Keeping your vows in the hardest moments is when it matters the most.

🔮 Number two

It said that change is usually a gradual process. Many experts advice that if you wish to alter a habit, you must start by reducing it gradually until it grounds to a halt.

My experience thought me that’s not always the case. Change can happen within a snap. The habit I changed in primary 4 had been with me for some time as a child, and it was actually beginning to get worse.

But I decided to change in one moment and that was it. If you’re looking to change from something as well, you can #JustDoIt

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