I couldn’t believe my ears

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

When I was in form one in high school, one thing in particular always pissed me off. It was how the seniors called any random junior. Once they didn’t know your name, they had ‘every right’ to call you “Hey!”

It felt like a way to make you feel inferior, weak and defenseless.

I hated it so much that I made a plan never to call any junior by that when I finally become a senior. Instead of “hey!” I decided I’d refer to my juniors by something more positive. I thought about it thoroughly and settled on “champion”.

So on one fateful day, at the dining hall, a junior sat by me that I needed to talk to.

“Champion,” I called out since I didn’t know his name. Next thing I knew, this boy fumed up with anger.

“Why? Why should you call me champion?”

I was dumfounded. He seemed very furious as though I had bitterly insulted him.

“You don’t like it?” I asked.

“No I don’t like it. How can you just see me and call me a champion? I don’t understand.”

I was shocked and amazed. I couldn’t believe my ears.

The Lesson

Later on in life, I learnt both in hard and soft ways that not everyone would appreciate your positive ideas and initiatives no matter how good you try to be. Some might even hate you bitterly because of the very healthy and positive things you try to do.

Knowing this, is highly important particularly if you are a person seeking to impact positive change in society. If you expect everyone to support you because you’ve set out to transform lives, you might be forced to quit in shock when the backlashers besiege you.

But when you know that opposition would surely arise no matter how much good you intend to do, you’ll be better prepared to handle them when they come.

Your great works won’t be supported by everybody. As hard and uncomfortable that the fact is, it is the truth-the hard truth that we have to deal with!

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