When Eric snatched my high school lover

Eric. That was his name. The name of the boy who snatched my high school love from me. But guess what, Eric never existed. He was a myth. Here’s a bit of my first love story…

When I was in high school, I fell madly in love with a girl in my class. And I mean the words “love” and “madly”. For the purposes of this piece, let’s call her Ewoe.

I always look back at the entire experience with my heart filled with gratitude. My ‘unofficial’ relationship with Ewoe thought me what true love is or is supposed to be.

I have read a good number of books on love and marriage by world-renowned counsellors and authors but most of what I know about love today didn’t come from books. The books only polished them. They came from my SHS bond with Ewoe.

By the time I was in form two, all my close friends knew how much I cared for Ewoe. I never stopped talking about her. And as all close friends do when you’re in love with someone, they kept me updated with anything they saw her do.

Almost every night, I got updated on events involving her that happened behind me. One day, my confidants came with bad news. They said it was very serious. I had to literally beg for them to open up.

And when they did, I was shattered into pieces. They told me they had fully confirmed that my ‘love of life’ had a boyfriend called Eric in another school. I asked for the proof, and they gave me as much as they gathered.

I wonder how I was able to sleep that night. I was disappointed, angry and heartbroken. Why hadn’t Ewoe given me any signal she was bonded? Was she deceiving me?

I kept all the many questions bottled up inside. And that was part of how our bond started breaking apart.

Later, after everything fell apart, I got to know nothing about Eric was true. Ewoe hadn’t even known anyone in any school named Eric. It was all blatant lies.

The Lesson

This singular event involving Eric thought me a vital key in marriage and relationships.

It is dangerous to allow rumours exist between you and your partner. Love relationships must grow to the point that the partners trust each other more than they trust their friends.

Whatever you hear from others must be treated with contempt until you confirm from your partner. It won’t always be easy but it must be done.

If you allow other people control what you do in your bond, you are sure to take decisions against your lover that you would regret one day.

If I had had the courage to speak to Ewoe concerning what I heard, she would have explained to me and things could have taken a different turn.

Here’s one of the zillion things I learned about marriage from my SHS love story. Maybe soon, I’ll share another.

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Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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