I Couldn’t Stand The Pain

Have you ever gone out with an injured body part? I did that before. And it was a harrowing experience.

I had a wounded toe that day and managed to carefully wear a shoe over it.

I had to walk extra carefully like a snail. And even after trying to be super alert, I was amazed by the numerous times my wounded foot touched something.

What was interesting to me was how a tiny contact with an object could give me an excruciating pain.

Actually, this is one major reason for which bandages are made. When you cover a part of your body with a bandage, it signals everyone around you to avoid touching that part of you.

The Lesson

Physical wound is not the only kind of injury we carry around. An equally painful bruise is to be wounded emotionally.

And just like the physical pain, every tiny impact from someone would hurt us excruciatingly.

Unfortunately, there is no emotional bandage to cover an injured feeling so people stay away from touching.

And with the advent of social media and mordernism, people are bound to hit your emotional wounds anyhow. Even worse is that there are some people who take particular joy in hurting others.

For instance, if they see your relationship is having a toll on you, that is when they will focus their painful words there.

The Solution

The only solution available is to make sure we heal our wounds before stepping out each day. That way, they may talk but it won’t hit any emotional wounds and hurt us deeply in any way.

But healing oneself can be very hard. That is why the Creator says in 1 Peter 5:7 that we should cast our cares upon Him.

You will be shocked how much healing you can obtain when you get in the habit of speaking to God about your pains and worries.

Joseph M Scriven once experienced this and said, Oh what needless pain we bear just because we don’t carry everything to God in prayer

Speaking to and trusting in God heals us. And it gives us enough strength to face each day. Try it.

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