She did not forgive us

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

There was this day a driver in a car I boarded did something he shouldn’t have done. It was a busy morning and there were many cars moving slowly through the traffic.

Our driver was coming in to join a lane at a junction. Next thing I saw, voooom! He crossed a saloon car all of a sudden. The lady driver was extremely swift or she would have hit our car.

Normally in Accra, anybody who does what my driver did is gifted a barrage of insults. But he wasn’t, at least not yet.

The traffic was so jammed that the lady was behind us for a long time. Several moments passed and the incident died down in our minds.

An eternity later, a car pulls up at our side in a rash, nearly hitting an oncoming vehicle in the process. And here goes this lady screaming on top of her voice, “Are you stupid? Foolish driver! Is that how you drive?”

Everyone was confused. Why was she shouting? What happened? Then we remembered, aahhhh, so that’s the lady we crossed.

She had haboured the hurt in all its intensity throughout those several minutes.

The Lesson

When you’re going out every day, always remember to take an emotional garbage can with you.

Many people will give you *trash* in town. But you don’t have to throw it back in their face. Just dump the trash in your bin and move on. Otherwise, you will end up littering your own surroundings.

In an attempt to surely pay back our driver for the trash he gave her, the innocent lady carried pain in her heart for such a long time. That alone is unhealthy.

Then she nearly hit a car when she was rushing to insult. She could have hurt herself badly. In addition, she rather looked like the bad person in the end.

All this pain and hurt could have been avoided if only she took along an emotional garbage can, and dumped off the trash.

Always take yours.

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