They were not kidding

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

I remember the day my first book arrived from the publishing house. It was such an inexplicable feeling.

I had seen the cover design pictures over and over but getting the printed copies in my hands was something else. I was an author of Reformed Or Deformed!

Days after I packed them in my room, I made an offer to my roommates.

“Guys, this book goes for 20 cedis per copy but not for you,” I said.
“If any of you wants a copy, I’d give you for half the price which is 10 cedis”.

“For real?!” they asked, to which I replied in the affirmative.

They appeared excited but their next sets of words took me by surprise. “Thank you, Eben, but we cannot do that,” Seth started.

“You are our friend and for that reason we should be paying even higher than the actual price. We cannot buy at a discount”.

Evans, who was also there added his voice. “Seth is completely right. We will not take your offer. Other people might but we will buy it for 20 cedis”.

I was utterly dumbfounded. The only sound that dropped from my lips was a sigh. Some friends ask for reductions but my friends insist on non-reductions.

And they weren’t kidding. Not long after, they gave me their monies and it was the full price for each copy

I was overwhelmed by a surge of emotions I cannot put a name to. A thousand questions flooded my mind instantly. Where from these wonderful roommates? How pleasant would the world be if all humans were like these?

The Lesson

The wonderful experience my roommates gave me that day left an imprint on my mind.

When people close to us decide to embark on certain journeys, or pursue particular goals and ambitions, it is our duty to support them.

If there are any available discounts or promotions, we who are closer should count ourselves last.

Business is hard, so we must make it softer for those close to us. Life is tough. Let’s commit to making it bearable for our dear ones.


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