It was not my fault!

Somewhere last year, I took a sprinter from Sakumono heading towards Tema. If you are familiar with commercial sprinters in Ghana, there is normally an assistant to the driver.
He is called the ‘mate’ and his duty is to collect lorry fares, alert the driver to stop at passengers’ destinations and invite new passengers on board.

This particular driver whose sprinter I boarded had no assistant. Unluckily for me, I was the last to board, so I sat right by the door on the seat the ‘mate’ uses.

That same moment, I was busily on my phone, editing an inspirational message I planned to share to my 100s of readers for the day.

It became my duty to work the door for passengers who were boarding or alighting. To make matters worse, the door was faulty, so it needed a trick and some force to be able to open it. The driver had to show me.

I was fumed by this at first but didn’t utter a word.

On my behalf, the other passengers bashed the driver for not bringing his ‘mate’. In my mind, I resolved to move to a different sitting position as soon as another passenger alights.

That way, I would stop being the mate and focus on my inspirational message.

Then the chance came. A passenger alighted and there was a convenient space for me. I was about to move there but a thought distracted me.

“Who would be opening the door if you move? You have learned how to do it! Yes, the driver is wrong, but come on, here is a problem that needs your solution!”

So I decided to stay there. I was the one taking the monies for the driver, doing the door as well as my inspirational piece, intermittently.

Gradually, we got to the final bus stop and as I was about to alight, a hand held me. I turned and there was this man beaming with smiles. ‘God bless you, okay? You have done so well’. A woman on his other side added, “You have a good heart. God bless you!”

The other faces I saw were all wearing pleasant smiles. I walked to the driver’s side to give him his monies. “Thank you very much,” he said. “Keep your own fare.”

The Lesson

I was amazed by the results my little action produced. Here I was in a terrible situation that was not my fault.

But just by deciding to take responsibility, I solved the problem entirely. In addition, I made everyone’s day.

I changed their negative feelings of anger, fury and indignation into positive feelings of love, peace, joy and gracious smiles. That’s a milestone! People visit counsellors just for that!

You see, life is full of problems. And many of the negative situations in your life may not be your fault.

But sometimes, most times, or always if you can, just choose to be the solution. Be the change you wish to see. It makes our world a better place.

This is only one of the many real-life inspirational messages shared in the Facebook group What Life Just Taught Me. Search for it and join us for a life-changing experience.

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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