The Two Little Girls

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

I was on a visit to a very hospitable family one time. I’ll not whet your appetite by mentioning the dish, but I was served like a king. There was only one mistake. They set the table before in the presence of their progeny-two little children.

The kids were on their own a distance away, chasing each other playfully when the meal was brought, I took my time and washed my hands. Immediately I uncovered the food, they assembled by the table-gaze fixed on me, tight lipped, hands by the sides. It was like a bell was rung for them.

I decided I wouldn’t mind, knowing very well that their mother would have yanked them away if she had been there.

They stood there staring at me looking absolutely expectant. They had no thoughts whatsoever that there was even a possibility of getting denied.

As hard as I tried not to, I just had to. It got to that point where I couldn’t stand it any longer. I handed them pieces to munch at and they withdrew to get at it.

The Lesson

I was surprised by my own inability to resist two little children who didn’t even speak any words.

The experience thought me a great lesson on desire, willpower, belief and faith. If we absolutely believe we will achieve something, we will, almost always.

Sometimes, when life gets tough, we may feel that maybe the goals and dreams we have are not actually meant for us.

Guess what, we may be right. But my experience with the two children has taught me if we keep believing, expecting and stop doubting, we will still get there even if it didn’t originally belong to us.

The blessings Jacob demanded from the ‘angel’ didn’t belong to him. But he got it with willpower and doubtlessness. (Genesis 32:26) The food the children got didn’t belong to them but they got it with willpower and doubtlessness.

What do you need? Go for it.

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