The Ideal Life

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I always found it weird and inconceivable, as to how a seedling always sprouts from underneath the earth, covered by soil and the next thing you will be expecting is a structural development of a plant from its sprouting phase of development, to a full grown plant mostly bearing fruit and vegetables. Isn’t it amazing!

Thanks to nature, we can actually make food out of the harvest of the crops we planted in the form of seeds as small as you could ever imagine. The farmer has lots of crops to sell at the market when the harvest season is due.

Has it ever occurred to you how the farmer and the seedlings relate? I had to observe the activities that went with nurturing seedlings in an agriculture lesson one afternoon, and the tutor actually made a great deal of the various practices that went with nurturing seedlings, it was a lively lesson.

After some weeks, months, our practical lesson paid off as we saw our seedlings developing into big plants. Our efforts in the nurturing phase was not in disregard as our teacher spelt out to us some of the activities we employed to aid it’s development. The harvest day came and some developed into crops, fruits, vegetables and the likes. We sold some, used some as food and used the money from sales made to develop our school.

*Life influence.*

An idea is just an abstract archetype of a given thing, as opposed to a practitioner who makes use of those ideas to bring out of abstract.

Our lives shouldn’t be envisioned on idea generation and abstract upbringings. We should actually discard those living traits. Ideas shouldn’t become unproductive.


Ideas are like seedlings, they sprout when nurtured and they manifest when put to use.

Like the seedling, we should nurture ideas by embarking on proactive and productive livings to make meaning out of idea generation. Everyone can produce ideas, but not everyone can alter ideas into real life manifestations.

It has become a widespread conspicuous lump, where ideas in our environments has become a tendency of life. And so at the end of the day, our growth and development as individuals is being short-lived because we don’t embark on productive endeavours to bring those ideas into real life manifestations.

You meet a friend and you hear him saying; there is no job, there is no money. There is a lapse of idea generation enslaved by unproductive living.

Our lives will only begin to make meaning if we make good use of genuine ideas that manifest if nurtured. Let’s encourage and help one another when ideas need productivity to manifest.
At the end of the day it will be worth it.

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