The man who wanted to FIGHT ME in the street

I was about to alight from a taxi. Though I wasn’t running late for the interview I was going for, my nerves injected some swiftness in my actions.

I gave the driver a huge denomination, and he needed to take time to change it. Instead of waiting on him, I opened the door without checking and it nearly hit a man who was passing by.

This is what transpired:

Man: Ah massa, why?
Me: Sorry, I didn’t see you.
Man (moves forward a little, turns and gets a bit louder): You, why?!
Me: Oh sorry, I didn’t see you.

[Driver hands me my change and I get out only to realize it wasn’t up to. I bend to see him gathering the rest]
Man (starts getting closer and much louder): Ah you, why?!
Me (also getting louder): Oh I am sorrrry, I didn’t see you!

[Driver gives me change and I unbend]
Man (loudest) : WHY?! WHY?! AH!

I wondered to myself what would have happened if the door had hit this man. The door missed him, but here he was, assiduously poised to fight me.

It reminded me of a time I was hit down by a motorbike. I quickly got up, sped out of the way and hurried on. I neither demanded for, not got any ‘sorry’, though I felt I deserved it.

The Lesson

Relating these two experiences, I learn that many people hold onto hurtful and negative experiences for too long in life.

There are people in their 30s who still complain about childhood experiences. How long will it take you to move on? For just how long will you keep blaming every failure in life on the fact that your dad abandoned your mom, or that you were fired unfairly from your first job?

Life is much more fruitful, fulfilling and amazing when we learn to quickly move on from bad experiences to focus on the positives. So learn it. It will help you.

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