The Solid Formation

Ben Carson, one of the greatest surgeons of all time was far below average in school.

This is not the usual ‘unusual’ story you hear of the likes of Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft). These ones dropped out of school, but they were brilliant in the classroom. Moreover, they succeeded in businesses that require other abilities apart from just academic success.

Ben Carson’s story was the direct opposite. His performance in class was appalling! Carson describes himself as having been a “terrible student”. What is more shocking, his success did not happen in the business arena. It happened right in the field he needed high scholastic performance to make waves in. You couldn’t become a doctor without good grades. So how did he do it?

The Great Secret

It turns out, the mother of this renowned surgeon applied an exceptional life principle on Ben’s life when he was young.

She forced the habit of reading into Ben and his brother. That was the turning point. She herself did not even know how to read, and her two children (Ben and his brother) were very fond of watching television at that time. She forcefully stopped them from that habit and ordered them to read 2 books every week.

Fast-forward, Ben grew from being a poor student to a recipient of many awards in school. He kept on and on and today, his name has become indelible in the sands of time.

The Great Principle

On the surface, this may look the normal sentiments of an ambitious mother but deep down, her actions aligned perfectly with a critical principle—a principle that is applied by goldsmiths, engineers, potters and more. At Eqay Inspire, we call it the principle of solid formation.

Whenever a substance is in the process of becoming solid, there is a very important period within which you could beat it into any desired shape. Plastic chairs, wedding rings and ceramic cups are all made using this code.

When they fully solidify, the objects retain the shapes they were molded into. After that, their structure can still be altered but this time, with great difficulty.

This is how we are also, as human beings. Whenever we enter a new environment or set of circumstances, we assume that semi-solid-semi-liquid state. Those moments are crucial times to be beaten into the right shapes and forms. Whatever shapes we get cast into during that solid formation period become a major part of our being.

The Extensive Application

A great example of that period is when we are born and our minds begin to grasp. The Bible recognizes that period in Proverbs 22:6 by saying ‘raise your child the way it should go so when it grows it will not depart from it’.

That is because the perceptions, philosophies and ideologies impressed on us in that crucial period of childhood are molded into our being and become hard to break off.

A fresher who enters college or university is also in that period of solid formation. The kind of friends picked, activities engaged in or habits adopted have a high chance of becoming part of their lives till their last day in school or even beyond.

When you are freshly employed, watch who you choose to associate with and the working habits you get yourself into. They will likely get molded into your character on the job.

When learning a new skill like cooking a meal, sewing, graphic designing website designing, etc learn from the right source. Wrong information and procedures get rooted in you and pollute you.

As an employer, the best time to impart your workers with the mission and vision statements are when they freshly arrive. The standards you set for them within that period will most likely be entrenched in them for as long as they work with you.

As a parent, force the right habits into your wards when they are young and still solidifying. If you allow them get hardened with the wrong ones, you are in for big trouble.


Whenever you enter or bring a person into a new set of circumstances, remember the principle of solid formation and apply it accordingly. The results will dumbfound you.


[As authored by Ebenezer Agbey Quist. To book for transformational speaking and writing engagements, get in touch on or +233(0)501360650

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