Sharing a Single Charger

Exactly one year ago, I shared an office with two other people. At the time, we all relied on only one phone charger during working hours. Several times when my phone had a low battery, I would want to charge it but find another’s phone connected.

Meanwhile, there were times when the charger would be free throughout. Upon noticing this, I decided to play smart a little. Whenever my phone was sufficiently charged, I would connect a colleague’s phone, whether it was running low or not.

I figured that by ensuring that everyone’s battery levels were high at all times, the charger would always be available when I needed it. And it worked!

Interestingly, I thought I was only solving my own problem but my colleague realized what I was doing. I was surprised when on one occasion, he unplugged his phone from charge, then looked around, picked mine and put on charge for me.

It was a simple gesture, but it moved me greatly.

The Lesson

Your world would treat you better if you treat it better. Our lives are greatly improved when we choose to be good to those around us.

I could have decided that whenever my battery was low, I would disconnect whoever’s phone and put mine on charge. That was an option, but it would have probably birthed discomfort, unease, selfishness and their colleague negative feelings in my office mates.

However, choosing to go the way I went helped achieve my goal of always having a free charger, produced great feelings like compassion, care and love, and inspired another person to do the same.

If you always find yourself questioning why things don’t go right in your life or why people constantly mistreat you, maybe the real question you should be asking is what you are giving out and how you are treating everything around you.

Doing unto others as we’d have them do unto us is to our own benefit. If life tastes bitter to you, make others’ better and enjoy the sweetness it brings.

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Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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