The boy who was always on time

I once worked in a laboratory where we received samples every two hours to analyze. Everyone tried to bring theirs on time but they normally missed the mark by several minutes. However, there was one gentleman who always brought his, right on time. It was amazing.

Anytime he came in with a sample, the minute-hand of our clock was on 12. One day, I asked him about his secret and he said, “I always start filling the sample bottles when it’s 15 minutes to time. By the time I start moving towards the laboratory, I have about 7 more minutes because that’s how long it takes me to walk here.”

It was obvious that the other people didn’t exercise that much discipline. Perhaps, they started taking their samples when it was time to submit them.

Moments after he left that day, I realized he had handed me a great key many people do not have in life.

The Lesson

The best way to chalk our successes the exact time we want to achieve them, is to start working towards them long beforehand.

Some wish to be billionaires by 30, many dream of having their honeymoon on a beautiful island and others want to have their first house by 25. Only a hand full of people are able to fulfill these goals because the process takes time and effort. Most importantly, you need to start the work early.

If you want to own 5 multinational companies by age 35, you cannot be a movie addict when you are 25. Your twenties are the time you have to learn hard, work hard and start building them. To be able to buy that private jet by 28, you should have your businesses making some feats before 25.

Perhaps, this is the same reason for which many New Year resolutions are not fulfilled. A lot of those New Year goals should have been started years ago for them to get accomplished that year.

So take some time today and draw out how you want your life to be in 5 years. If you are not rigorously working towards them already, better sit up and start now.

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