The man who wanted our car to hit him

I have a very good friend from work called William. Among other great attributes like being smart and hardworking, he also has a great sense of humour. We were going home by our company bus one afternoon when one bypasser stubbornly stood in the path of the vehicle.

“Won’t he move away?” someone behind me asked. Next thing I heard, William said jokingly, maybe it’s because he has Health Insurance. We all cracked with laughter.

As we journeyed on, I found it to be rather interesting. Why don’t we allow anything to happen to our bodies even if the cost of our treatment is covered? If the government should take up the cost of handling all accident victims, we would still avoid accidents.

The Lesson

Several months after this, I realized that this depicts exactly what the Cross of Calvary did in our lives. Our sins have all been paid for. Oh yes, the payment has been made but we will not miss the injection pains, surgical wounds, bitter medications and leftover scars that would come with our sins. Wallowing in our sins because they have all been paid for would be like driving recklessly because the injury costs are covered.

It is true that no-matter what we do, when we return to God with a sincere heart, we will be excused. The sin will be cleared, but we will reap the fruits in life. We will still suffer the loss and the pain.

God will pardon you for embezzling that money, but you will also go to jail when caught. Drinking excessively may not prevent you from reaching heaven, but cirrhosis of the liver could make your life a living hell. You may be forgiven for sleeping around recklessly, but you will not miss the diseases, trauma or devastation that it can bring.

It is in our own interest to desist from evil and sinful ways and walk according to God’s instructions. Like that bypasser who eventually made way for our bus to pass, we must endeavor to allow anything that is not of God to pass because though the sins will be forgiven, ‘colliding’ with them will harm us badly.

As written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist, author of Reformed Or Deformed.

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