The BEST FRIEND who became an ENEMY

I was in JHS 1 at the time. Two of us had a fierce conflict with our classmate who used to be a very close friend to us. The fight reached its peak when our names were written as talkative people and he went to congratulate the class prefect for including our names.

Each stroke of the lashes we received deepened our hatred towards him. We hadn’t even talked much that day, but he connived with the class captain to get us punished. No problem. We shall show him where the power lies.

Our class mistress heard of our squabble and invited both parties for a talk. We fumed with anger and resolved to not make up with him no-matter what. We narrated how he had despised us with his actions all through the past weeks.

When it got to his turn to say his bit, we were shocked. Apparently, everything we said had a different version from his end and they equally sounded very convincing. They also explained some missing links we hadn’t understood ourselves.

Even when he rushed to shake hands with our class prefect, it had nothing to do with us. It was not because we were listed but because he was just excited his name wasn’t part. By the time he finished narrating, it was like a heavy load was taken off our hearts. We were ready to be friends again and so we did and became closer than ever.

The Lesson

Life looks different when observed from different perspectives. No matter how obvious the motives of another’s actions may be to us, if we do not make ears to listen to them, we will almost certainly misjudge their actions.

Always give people the chance to explain and endeavor to truly understand. If we all did this in our marriages, classrooms, institutions, workplaces and partnerships, most of the misunderstandings we experience would not be heard of.

We can live in peace and enjoy our coexistence with almost everyone around us if we can simply attempt to understand them. If we don’t, we are sure to misunderstand them and experience skirmishes.

Authored by: Ebenezer Agbey Quist

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