When I finally got registered

A post by Madam Josephine Atiatorme

Some years ago, I registered for GCB Mobile Banking for the first time. I was not successful and I tried two more times to no avail. I went on to complain to the manager after which he made me fill a form with a firm assurance that he will do it for me. It still wasn’t done.

At this point, I gave up. I told myself and everyone that GCB probably had a reason for not processing it for me.
After some time, I went to another branch, redid the process all over again and but it still wasn’t done.

About two weeks ago as I went to the bank again, I had a different mindset. I told myself I needed to get it by all means and I filled the form again.

Shockingly, just the following day, I had the message.

The Lesson

1. If we make up our minds to not give up, God will surely surprise us with what we yearn, pray and work towards. (Luke 18:1)

2. Just as GCB is the only source through which we can get GCB mobile banking service, God is the only source through which we can get answers to our prayers. So we must be consistent.

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