Two dying ants

A post by Geoffery Akorli

It was one sunny day in the house and you could feel hot all over because of the intensity of the sunshine. I decided to go out for some fresh air at the backyard.

Few minutes in the backyard, there came two ants I perceived were in search for food. Upon seeing them, I decided to observe what happens if I kill them slowly.

The first one stopped its movement as if it was dead though it wasn’t.
The second, one on the other hand, was struggling, trying to save itself and escape, all to no avail and finally it died.

When it was done, the first ant started moving after some minutes and I left it to go its way. Only God knows if it is still alive.

The Lesson Learned

In all of our endeavors, we should be prepared for inconveniences. People will hurt us both intentionally and unintentionally in our quest for greener pastures.

It’s great to be optimistic, but we must also know what to do if things go haywire. The Wisdom of God and Patience are great tools for that.

Some aren’t fast thinkers but when you analyse the situation prayerfully and with all diligence, you surely will become triumphant.

Great people are those who suffer the pain of patience. And still know when to act. Don’t rush into doing something that might hurt you the more, and don’t relax until it’s too late.

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