When a passenger alighted in the rain

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

Not long ago, I was returning from work by a sprinter when a heavy rainstorm started pouring down. The intensity was stunning. We watched as pedestrians were quickly getting drenched and running to get cover.

Few minutes on, a woman behind me voiced out she would alight at the next bus stop. “In this rain?” was the first thought that crossed my mind. We stared curiously as she got off and started her search for shelter.

It was interesting to see this. Why would you leave the comfort of a vehicle into such a heavy rainstorm?

The simple answer is, she had reached her destination. She knew where she was going.

It then occurred to me that whenever we are travelling, we don’t stop when we reach beautiful streets, nice buildings, or interesting artefacts. We only stop when we reach our destination.

This taught me an enthralling lesson.

The Lesson

As we journey through life, it is highly imperative we figure out where we are going. If we don’t know our destination, we would easily be fooled by temporary comfort, what others are doing or what is trending, and take on wrong life-paths.

When many of your friends are getting married, compromising their values for job benefits, posting raunchy pictures on social media, traveling abroad, or whatnots; knowing where you are going is what would guide you to make the hard right decisions.

Even if the path leading to your purpose is unpopular, less travelled, or thorny; you cannot afford to just follow the masses blindly.

Know where you are going and make the necessary sacrifices that will lead you there.

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