After washing a car

The other day, as I washed a car, a question dropped on my mind. “How do cars actually get dirty?” Some days earlier, I had washed a car that remained unused during the day. When evening came, it was still looking as fresh as it was after the job was done on it.

You see where my question came from. If a car will not get so dirty when it sits idle in the environment, why should it get dirty when it moves about in the same environment?

The answer is, when it sits in one position, the car does not get into contact with so much air. However, as it moves to and fro, it comes into contact with all kinds of air containing all kinds of dust from all kinds of places.

Same applies to our bodies. You would not be as dirty when you sit at home all day as you would be when you roam all day. But it applies to more than just our physical bodies.


It also means that so long as we meet strangers every day, interact with other people, watch different behaviours being portrayed and all, we get BADLY influenced in one way or another.

So for someone who wants to be successful or God-fearing, you need to clean yourself from all the filth your mind will gather as you meet different kinds of air in your daily endeavours.

In Romans 12:2 the Holy Bible instructs us, “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” and Zig Zigglar says “because motivation does not last, it must be done daily”.

Our minds get heavily contaminated without us realizing. If we do not constantly cleanse our minds of the retrogressive talks we hear everyday from social media, radio and tv stations, from our friends and colleagues, etc., we are bound to start becoming like the unsuccessful and ungodly masses out there.

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