When I washed my Headteacher’s uniform

A post by madam Josephine Atiatorme (mother of Ebenezer Agbey Quist)

At the time, I was 12 years old but the favourite of our headteacher. I was his errand girl. He had vowed not to take older girls for that position to get him into any trouble. I helped him cook, fetched water into the big pot for him and washed his house wears too.

One fateful Saturday, he gave me a bundle of clothes and it included his white uniform. In those days, the headteacher’s uniform was white shirt on white shorts.

He also gave me washing powder as usual. Reaching the river side, I held out the shirt, and the detergent poured on the ground. It had completely escaped me that this time, he poured the powdered soap directly inside the shirt.

On impulse, I used the white shirt to collect the washing powder from the ground. The spot l used became dark and I knew I was in trouble! I was gripped with fear and trembling!

The white uniform! I left everything else and worked on that spot with all my strength and with all my heart. From dark, it became brown and then to the expected result. The dramatic transformation filled my heart with joy. I continued and washed all the other clothes in good heart.

My lesson

I have learnt from this experience that one of the most efficient ways to get certain desired results is through fear. And the greatest result of all is obtaining SALVATION. No-wonder the Bible instructs us to work it out with Fear and Trembling. (Philipians 2:12) This is how it must be.

God is kind, loving, all gracious, merciful and peaceful. Even more, salvation may be a free gift from HIM, but to truly live according to the standards of God and be fully assured of salvation, we cannot do without the fear of God.

I pray that the fear and trembling that worked in me that day till l got the spot back to its white form, work in me towards my SALVATION, everyday till I reach my Maker. And I say the same prayer for you.

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