Buying the 5th porridge

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

For 5 days non-continuous, I bought porridge from a vendor at my station. I saw her on different occasions, but was never drawn to her. I once decided to try out her product, and I could not resist it for the next 2 days. I had a day’s break after that and continued my new routine for the next 3 days.

On the first 4 days, everything seemed sour. I would just go, wait for my turn, greet her, place my order, collect, pay off, and go. On the 5th day, though, something remarkable happened.

Whilst I waited for my turn, she served one and with a calm smile, handed it to me and said that was mine. And indeed, she had served the same amount I bought the past 4 days. I was amazed. I took it with an oil of gladness on my head, paid off and left.

As I went to board my car, I could not stop my mind from replaying the event. As it was on replay, some astonishing life lessons were deposited on my mind that I would love to share with you.

1. If you keep a particular mode of conduct, behaviour or attribute overtime, nature will automatically begin to respond positively by reducing the burden on them for you.

Exercising gets easier and easier if you do it regularly. Reading becomes quicker and more enjoyable if you keep reading. Public speaking becomes more fun and stress-free if you keep practicing it. In my case I did not have to wait for my turn or even place an order. I simply went, took my package, paid and left.

If something you want to master something that seems difficult, just do it regularly and it will in itself become easy to do.

2. The universe is designed to adjust appropriately to embrace everything that constantly occurs. The first day you will get up in church to preach, all eyes may bulge out in great astonishment like that of a toad, but as you do it again and again, it becomes normal.

The first day I wrote an article, many people kept asking if I had copied it from somewhere, but as it kept happening, they got to accept that I could actually write.

Don’t be scared to write a book, start a business or proclaim your new faith, because of the turbulence it might stir up. Just be sure to maintain that newness, and your world around you would adjust to fit you into itself perfectly.

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