Lessons from driving a vehicle

A post by Favour Sedodo

Behind the steering wheel was my dad taking turns every now and then to negotiate curves. As I sat at the backseat with keen interest, one thrill of event frequently caught my attention.

As young as I was, I was usually awed at vehicles being moved by their respective owners. Day in day out, the creeping thought of how a person could move a vehicle with ease while still inside it left me wondering.

And here I was facing the reality as I sat at the backseat of my dad’s jeep, trying to decipher this undeniable curiosity of mine.

As we went hither and thither, it became evident that though the tools needed to move the vehicle were all at arm’s reach of the one behind the steering wheel, I could notice astonishingly that my dad always kept his head over the steering wheel, he never looked sideways or paid extra attention to the mechanisms needed to drive the vehicle.

Once he kept his focus on the road, he had control of the vehicle.
I was amazed how my thoughts were only narrowed to the driving mechanisms, not realizing that one needed to keep focus whiles driving. How astounding!


What Exactly is Focus?

From my firsthand experience in the jeep, I came to the realization that the worth of FOCUS cannot be overestimated. If focus is so requisite even for vehicular movements, we humans must cling onto it.
Focus from various definitions is to concentrate one’s attention to a course of action towards achieving a goal or objective-exactly what we must do.

Why The Need To Focus

Like the driver of a vehicle, we must always make focus on our topmost priorities in the journey of life. Without it we can’t figure out the right path in our quest to achieve desired objectives or goals.
Many great achievers made focus their mechanism for success.

And that is because the path that leads to success is the path that makes focus it’s mechanism. Make it count.

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Favour Sedodo is a passionate writer who uses his experience and scenarios to create vivid inspirational messages and quotes. He is currently a student of the St Francis College Of Education. His gift in writing cannot be overemphasised.

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