What I learn from buying spoiled bananas

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

If she had sat sat right behind her table, she wouldn’t be seen. It was an entire mountain of banana she was selling. But it wasn’t the quantity that drew me to her. A bunch of beautiful yellow ones that sat on top of the hill were what got me interested.

My mouth watered for those. As I drew nearer, I realized my yellow beauties were actually the nicest she had to sell. All the rest had begun browning.

I placed my order. For some reason, I chose not to specify the one she should give me. I was party curious to see if she would look me in the eye and not give me the obvious choice.

And boy, she gave me the shock of my life. I swallowed the words that wanted to spill out of my mouth when her hands moved slowly past the yellow beauties for others. No problem. I’ll accept it. After all, what she picked didn’t look so bad.

It wasn’t until I came home, that I realized I was duped completely. This woman! Now I got raged. How could she be so mean to sell these to me?

In my indignation, a gentle voice sounded in my mind. “Don’t say that. You were the one being wicked and selfish. How could you want the best of all she had just for yourself?”

Immediately, I was taken aback. This question offered me the chance to observe the situation again but from her viewpoint. She didn’t farm the fruits herself. Good or bad, she also paid for them and needed to sell them off.

For all you know, she actually bought those yellow fingers from another vendor, just to attract customers. Maybe she was actually hoping and praying no-one would demand for them, so she could gradually sell the bad ones off.

As I came to realize the favour my silence must have done to her, my heart was fully comforted. Instead of anger, I now felt compassion. Now, I wished that everyone else would buy off her bad goods so her desires would be fulfilled.

The Lesson

All our lives, we move about viewing things from just our own perspectives.

If we could genuinely attempt to enter the shoes of others, wear their spectacles and observe life like they do, we would view an entirely different picture.

Sometimes, that’s all you need to be able to love unconditionally, forgive freely and live at peace with all. Try it.

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