The Climb

A post by Dr Alfred Obeng Poku

I happened to have had the privilege of climbing a wonder of creation quite recently. It’s Mt Afadjato, the tallest mountain in Ghana, and it peaks about eight hundred and eighty-five (885m) above ground.

As I was climbing, I made some interesting observations.

💎 The first quarter of the climb, I realized was the most difficult as the mountain was steepest at the first two hundred and twenty meters (220m).

The steepness got friendlier as we climbed up the mountain.

💎 The moment we met a sign post welcoming us to the mountain, some people started running up with the aim of reaching the peak quicker than everyone else and they were the first to get tired.

💎 There were others too like this friend of mine whom I thought were moving too slowly. They were climbing so steadily that I thought they wouldn’t even make it but eventually, they did.

💎 Some people were singing and dancing whiles making the climb and they got tired in no time.

💎 There were some who were holding hands and helping each other make the climb; I was holding that friend of mine’s hand to help her initially but she was slowing me down so I had to leave her. These people reached the peak together having shared jokes and laughed together whilst climbing.

💎 There were these ropes that were tied to the trees at vantage points to help ease the climb. Some made use of the ropes wherever they met them throughout the climb, some used them at one time and didn’t at another and others didn’t make use of them at all.

Those who didn’t use the ropes struggled up and most of them ended up dirtying themselves as they were slipping and falling here and there.

💎 I also realized along the way that, wherever I got to, there were some people there resting. I had to rest at some points to catch my breath.

There was this elderly man, 71 years of age who made the climb to the astonishment of every one.

I didn’t think he would make it to the peak. I was following him at some point so carefully thinking he would fall for me to help him up but he didn’t.

The Lessons

This climb can be compared to our lives and the various targets we set for ourselves, or that are set for us in the various aspects of our lives. From that comparison, here are some vital lessons you might want to take with you:

🔮 Life can get really tough at times, like the first quarter of the climb but if we don’t give up and strive on, we’ll definitely make it. Most difficulties in life are just mirages to deter us from moving forward.

🔮 It is important not to rush into things before we know very well what it is we are rushing into. We may get tired even before we start the real deal. It is important to approach matters in a steady manner.

🔮 There are various distractions that suck our energies like the “music and dance group”. Avoid distractions as much as possible as they only sway you away from your target the more you pay attention to them.

🔮 We must help one another. If you happen to realize you’re better than anyone at something, the best you can do for the person is to help them. The friend whom I left along the way made it but I couldn’t say I helped her make it. I lost my share of her victory the moment I let go of her hand.

🔮 There are some systems which have been created to help us achieve our targets like the ropes we met. Use them wherever you have to. Avoiding them can sometimes mean cutting corners and that may not always be safe. Don’t do anything to dirty yourself when you can simply avoid them.

🔮 We are humans, not robots and even robots sometimes need rest. It is important to take rest some time and regain our energies and also get to re-strategize.

🔮 Never look down on anyone. Everyone is capable of achieving something, even things you may think are impossible for them to achieve. No one thought the 71 year old man could make the climb but he did. Anyone can do anything with hard work and determination.

🔮 Lastly, remember, no task is too hard to complete; you just have to make up your mind to do it.

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