Lessons from my first experience as a Radio Panelist

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

You won’t believe how it happened. Hitherto, I have talked on radio only by calling into some programmes to share my perspectives or make inquiries.

Speaking live from the studios, not even as an interviewee, but a panelist to share insights on sensitive issues like love and relationships was a task I honestly didn’t think I was ready for yet.

But guess what. I had an appointment with one of my very respectable friends very recently. I didn’t even know he was into radio. Just upon my arrival, I called for his directions and he guided me to his office.

I met him on my way up the stairs and he beckoned on me. Before we could even finish exchanging pleasantries, he asked: “you’re very informed on relationship issues right?”

I was startled. I didn’t know what my answer would lead to, but I responded in the affirmative. He responded, “great!” and led me into the studios where my seat and microphone were comfortably awaiting me.

I had about 20 seconds to put my thoughts together on what to say and how to present whatever was going to be required of me. But that’s just an exaggeration because my mind had gone blank impulsively. I couldn’t think of anything. I tried to relax myself. I thought, well maybe I’ll just borrow some starting ideas from my other panelist to build on as we go.

Before I could even conclude those thoughts, it was time for business. The music faded, my great friend introduced the programme very professionally and introduced us too.

He eloquently constructed his first question, and guess who he posed it to…me! I had no chance to pick ideas from anywhere. But gladly, somehow, by some Grace, luck or whatever you may call it, just as he started framing his question, the answers also started germinating in my mind.

When he threw them over, I just had to do the needful. At the end of the day, we had such a wonderful session, and it was all like a dream. So much so, I had a lot more I wished I could share even when time was up. How interesting!

My lessons

We are more capable than we know.

In life, there will be times when you may confront certain challenges and think they are beyond you. They are not. Nothing will come your way that you cannot handle. Instead of backing off, learn to embrace the situations as they come, and it will amaze you what you can produce.

Get ready. Your dreams will be tested.

No-matter what it is you dream of doing, a time will come when your desire will be put to the test. For prospective business owners, it may be disappointments coming at you from all angles. For aspiring employees, it may be an event that tries their readiness for employment.

Life is designed to somehow get us toughened for the challenges ahead. In my case, speaking on such platforms on life issues has been among my middle term goals, but I had to be tried. I’ve had to go through an event that will test me to know how ready I was, and teach me some vitals long beforehand.

Your test may come anytime. Keep preparing.

In school, you stay in a classroom where there are fixed times for tests and exams. In real life, the tests come anytime. So whatever it is you wish to accomplish, or become, start preparing yourself. You’ll never know how soon it will be required of you to deliver.

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