Life Lessons from Collecting Rain Water!

A post by Favour Sedodo

As a child, it never dawned on me how it will be possible that water could be tapped from beneath the earth and then a mechanism put in place to draw it out like the running tap connected to a reservoir. [That is responsible for pumping the water from beneath the earth]

Then the real questions hit me. How did the earth generate this natural resource called water?What if the mechanism put in place to draw water malfunctioned? Where will water come from? These thoughts kept running through my mind when the roar of thunder strikes woke me up from sleep.

Did I see it coming? Was it a coincidence? I heard heavy footsteps moving to and fro in succession. “Mustafa get up and help place the containers beneath the rain,” mom pleaded.

It was raining and mom was earnest to secure some rain water. Then I remembered our tap wasn’t flowing for weeks. The rain was a golden opportunity for us to collect some water. I took advantage of the rain water to solve our temporal water crisis.


Realization of life opportunities is only a one step crossroad to greatness. Until you make good use of it you remain stagnant wallowing in desperation.

Like the rain water, opportunities may show up in one way or the other. That opportunity might solve an existing problem or usher you into something worthwhile. Your part to play after the realization of this opportunity is to make good use of it. As the saying goes, “opportunity comes but once”.

When the opportunity comes, collect it, embrace it and make good use of it to your utmost advantage.


Opportunities are like rain, if you don’t collect it, you will be like a man who discovered a means to an end but could not realize the value of that chance for advancement.

God has endowed us with a lot of inestimable potentials hidden us, all we need to do is to realize those potentials, cook them up and make good use of it. They will speak for us.

Remember the only way you can do this is making good use of that capability buried in you. For instance, you may have a privileged opportunity to be knowledgeable in class. Use it to propel yourself to greatness.

About Favour

I’m Favour Sedodo from Peki in the Volta region. I’m an alumnus of St Paul’s Senior high school and currently pursuing my Diploma in Basic Education training at St Francis College of Education. I believe I have been given this gift to inspire the human race, which I endeavor to achieve. My sincere thanks goes to the Eqay Inspire group for the love and motivation.

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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