What I learnt from watching a soccer match

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

Once upon a time in Queens Hall TV Room at KNUST was an ongoing match between Ghana and Egypt. It was a funny experience. The display on the TV we were watching was about a thousand light years behind what was really happening.

Some guys resulted to radio commentary. Whenever something interesting happens, they announce it to us and we wait to watch. One of them I remember vividly was when the guys said that Egypt was awarded a penalty kick.

We all focused on the screen to see how it will all unfold. Several minutes had gone and the ball was still hovering in the territory of the Egyptians. This one was beginning to seem longer than usual.

Yet it continued till some started asking, “ah, so where is the penalty?” In the midst of these questions though, all of us knew one thing: someway somehow, the ball was going to get to the Ghanaian territory, there would be a foul and the penalty would happen.

Why? It was said on the radio—a genuine source. It was going to happen. And it did at last.


If God says something about your life, or you have a dream you’re strongly convicted about, it is surely going to happen as you work towards it. Because what? God said so-it is from the most genuine source. 1 Corinthians 2:9

Even if you don’t see the posibilities right now, it would be absolutely wrong to conceive a doubt. Don’t stop working. Don’t stop hoping. Don’t stop believing. Somehow, situations will turn around and you will surely see it come to pass in your life.

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