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Hello there! You are welcome to this grand interview. It was conducted by an Eqay Inspire Representative to reveal deep truths about Lucifer, his operations, our existence, our future, and why things are how they are.

When you see “EI Rep,” the “Eqay Inspire Representative” is the one talking. It’s a pretty long conversation. You may need to get a quiet space first. And we hope and pray this interview serves its purpose in shaping your life for the better, because you may never hear from Lucifer in such a manner ever again.

It is in three main parts. Are you ready for it? Let’s go!

Introductory Chat Surrounding the True Source of Evil

EI Rep: Mr Satan, you are welcome on Eqay Inspire.

Lucifer: Thank you very much and for the opportunity to finally be straightforward with humanity. I must say you have a beautiful office. So I suppose I’m welcome here anytime?

EI Rep: Haha…don’t start with your smart moves, Satan. You know the answer to that, don’t you?

Lucifer (In a stiff tone): I’ll prefer you call me Lucifer, not Satan.
[Notice: he did not answer the immediate question!]

EI Rep: Ok Mr Lucifer, but may we know why you don’t like to be called Satan?

Lucifer: Satan is mostly associated with evil, so calling me by that makes me feel as though I’m evil.

EI Rep: Oh really? Wow…so after inflicting pain, disaster, death, disease and misfortune on people, you’re not evil?

Lucifer: You misunderstand me. I don’t perform even half of the evil you see.

EI Rep: Is that the real truth, Lucifer?

Lucifer: Of course. I told you I’ll be honest with you during this entire interview.

EI Rep: So who do you blame for all the evil? God?

Lucifer: Men are the perpetrators of the evil around. You see, let me confess one thing to you…I am not allowed to perform any task on earth without the direct endorsement and assistance of men. I cannot shoot people. I cannot throw nuclear bombs. I cannot pour acid on people. I cannot rape, commit genocide, and all of that. Men do these things.

EI Rep: Wait a minute…who causes men to do these things?

Lucifer: There is nothing wrong with suggesting ideas to people, is there? That is just what I do. And God does the same thing. My job is to propose to you that the way to satisfy your displeasure at someone is to pull the trigger at them. God will also tell you to love and forgive. We both say our pieces, and it is left with men to choose what they want as their solution.

EI Rep: Interesting. But honestly, Lucifer, what in your opinion is the reason someone would decide to go your way instead of God’s?

Lucifer: You should ask them. They make the choices, not me.

EI Rep: Mmmm… what about…

Lucifer: But if you ask me, it is simply because my solutions offer instant gratification. God’s solutions mostly offer gratification only in the long-term. Since humans are so impatient, they fall for mine most of the time. Now ask your question. What about what?

EI Rep: Yes, yes, you are blaming men for the troubles, but what about the demonic possessions people have. If you possess someone, aren’t their evil deeds directly influenced by you?

Lucifer: How could you be so mean to me? How can you not want us to possess people? The spirit of your God lives in you and that is fine. But you find it inappropriate for mine to do same. If that is your idea, then you have no argument. I’m only doing what your God also does.

EI Rep: You are right. You may be doing something God does but you are not like God and that’s not even the argument. Our point is you mastermind every evil. And please we are not comfortable with you comparing yourself to God, so kindly halt that at this point.

Lucifer: I get it. All I also want you to understand is, there wouldn’t be any evil in the world if not for men. Even if you say we possess and work through them, men have the ultimate say to make themselves inhabitable to us or not. Therefore, if we possess anyone, they have a hand in it.

EI Rep: You’ve made valid arguments, Lucifer. But coming down to the point, don’t run away from the fact that you are evil. You have done well to list the evils men have a hand in, but what about the Tsunami’s, flood and fire disasters and the earthquakes? Who is responsible if not you?

Lucifer: No-matter how you look at it, men are responsible. First of all, we can say some of these disasters are truly “natural.” Because your book even talks about they happening as signs of the end-time. But even then, it is men, because God created a perfect world. Everything started to deteriorate at the point when man disobeyed God.

The account of Job will tell you, I cannot take people’s lives until God permits me to. All I do is to convince men to do things that will draw them away from God, so I can take control, or things that will make them either kill themselves or one another. That’s all. Men do all the rest.

EI Rep: You have made your point, but we still disagree, Lucifer. Man would not have disobeyed God if not for you. And the evil that men do would not have existed if not for the foul ideas you keep injecting in their minds. But let’s move away from that now.

Let’s Go Back in Time

Let’s talk about your past. Tell us, what at all caused you to rebel against God? Did you not like the mansion, influence and talent He bestowed on you?

Lucifer: I am not sure you want to hear this answer.

EI Rep: Tell us…

Lucifer: Well, honestly I did like them but for two things. I wanted more; I wanted to be worshipped like He is worshipped. And secondly, I figured man was to be created in His image and it occurred to me we were going to be at the service of men. I hated that idea.

EI Rep: Wow. Interesting, but is this what you said we did not want to hear?

Lucifer: Not exactly, but since you are determined to know, I wanted to overthrow your God.

EI Rep: Hmm….how shoul…how… how could…hmm.

Lucifer: Take it easy…it’s not that bad.

EI Rep: No no no, Lucifer. This is not funny. How could you even think you would be successful with that?

Lucifer: You have no idea how powerful and influential I was and am. I won one-third of the entire host of angels to my side, remember?

EI Rep: Well, good job, but see where it has brought you. But wait…you said you hated the idea of man being created like God. What at all have men done to deserve all this hatred from you?

Lucifer: Imagine being the firstborn with a good relationship with your father. Then all of a sudden, there is another child, and your dad begins to show more affection and love to him than you. And worse of all, you are made to be at the service of that child. Who wouldn’t be upset?

EI Rep: No, but God was not being unfair. He made you special. An angel of light. A morning star. He bestowed His glory on you and put you in His own presence. Even the men you’re so jealous of were going to live on earth, and not heaven like you.

And furthermore, your analogy is incorrect, because you were not produced as a son. Your nature is an angel, not man. Men, on the other hand were made as sons, so you couldn’t be treated the same way. Each creature had their own advantages and you only had to appreciate the loving God’s blessings on your life for all of us to live in harmony.

Lucifer: Are you interviewing me, or yourself? Why are you answering the questions for me?

EI Rep: Sorry that offends you, but this is not only an interview, Lucifer. Our main aim is to reveal truth to our readers. So we cannot sit by and watch when we detect misinformation.

Lucifer: Please let’s proceed.

EI Rep: Okay, now please tell us this… Honestly speaking, is hell real?

Lucifer: (with a moderate smile) So you also doubt it?

EI Rep: Speak categorically, Lucifer. Is hell real or not?

Lucifer: Why don’t you ask if heaven is real? That’s my hometown, you know? That is where I originate. To answer your question, though, permit me to make a point. Men just lack an understanding of God. Even I, get amazed sometimes. Let me tell you something…God never takes any action without fully preparing for it.

Before he made the trees, he made everything that they needed to survive. He did not make the tree first before the land or water or sunlight. The reason he made man last was because man needed all other creation. That should tell you God will never promise a thing or start it without fully preparing for it.

So if He tells you He will give an eternal punishment, what makes you think He would not fully prepare the punishment first?

The same Bible that has never had any prediction wrong tells you there is hell, and you try to find your way around that fact. Well, we’ll all see at the end of time. I am not sure I would have played with the opportunity men have to make it to heaven.

EI Rep: Wow amazing. So wait, what you are saying is, you would have grabbed an opportunity to go back to heaven?

Lucifer: Who wouldn’t? God does not give second chances. That is why I have ended up here. I could have returned to heaven and taken my place once more.

EI Rep: Relax, relax. Let’s take this slowly. You are shocking everybody with what you are saying right now. Okay, first let us start from this point…do you regret your rebellion?

Lucifer: Listen to me. My past is brighter than my future. If I have the two options before me, I would surely choose the brighter one. That’s all I am saying. But as I said, I cannot also have it that men would have the privileges they had. So let’s just leave it as it is.

EI Rep: Okay, good. That’s enough. Now kindly explain to us, why do you say God does not give second chances? Christians believe He does under this dispensation of Grace.

Lucifer: The Grace you Christians talk about is only a new era. It is just a new set of agreement between man and God. It does not mean God has changed to start giving you second chances. If you doubt it, die in sin, and request to relive your years.

Giving a second chance means going back on one’s initial command to offer a favour. And God by His nature will not take His word back. Why do you think when Adam and Eve sinned, God did not just give them another chance to live in the garden? God’s words and verdicts are final once they are said. And there is no second chance to them.

EI Rep: Wow that’s fascinating. Well, so far, most of the questions we have asked you were not originally scripted. In this third part of the discussion, we are taking our script. In no particular order, let’s get into some questions we jotted down before prior to this meeting. We have decided to put them under one collection dubbed the Christian Journey and the future.

The Christian Journey and the Future

So first of all, don’t you dread the day Jesus will return and you will be sent into eternal damnation?

Lucifer: I try not to think about that. I focus on the moment I have now and enjoy it to the fullest. There are times and seasons. No need to spend today worrying over an inevitable future. After all, I am not going to be there alone. Humans will be with me. Even they are not mindful of it. Why should I be?

EI Rep: Hmm okay, and then what is there that Christians can do to overpower you?

Lucifer: Get your God’s power. That’s the only thing greater than mine.

EI Rep: What’s the best way to get God’s power?

Lucifer: I should say that too? No. Read Biblical accounts of how others got it. Nothing has changed.

EI Rep: Okay…what do you think is the main reason that men disobey God?

Lucifer: They don’t know Him. That is just all. Nothing more. Man would not disobey God if they knew any aspect of him fully. If humanity should behold God’s fullness in righteousness, might, glory, brilliance, creativity, love, beauty or anything at all, there would be no disobedience.

EI Rep: That’s interesting, but is it not controversial? You knew all of that and still disobeyed him right?

Lucifer: I was not man. I also had magnificent glory though His was abundantly more. But I had something very substantial nonetheless. For men, even the sight of low-ranking angels sends them trembling on bended knees. They can’t stand it. How much more that of God?

EI Rep: Mmmm…sounds logical. The next one is, which spiritual activity causes you the most hurt? Prayer or the Word of God?

Lucifer: None.

EI Rep: That can’t be true. How do you mean?

Lucifer: Have you ever seen anyone hold a Bible on the market, and falling down before? And how do you think I was able to quote them to Jesus, if I feared scriptures? There is no power in the word that is not backed by true in-depth understanding and intimacy with God. If anything harms me, it is not just the word, but a Christian who genuinely understands the power in it and uses it. Those are who we watch out for.

EI Rep: What about the prayer? What makes it dangerous for you?

Lucifer: Prayers are power-packed in equivalence to the power of God in the person making the prayers. If you are not powerful as a spiritual person, your prayers are only bridges we walk on. A powerful Christian, on the other hand could cause havoc with two words.

EI Rep: Wow Nice…now which religion is right? Which belief is right? Can men get to God through any means or it is only through Christ?

Lucifer: I will not give you a direct answer, because that will go against me. It is only when people are unsure about the right way that I get my dividend. But this is what I will say: no-matter the religion, location or belief you grow up in, if you study extensively with an open mind and heart, you will surely arrive at the truth.

EI Rep: Wow…okay, and then what is making Christianity look so theoretical and powerless in these days?

Lucifer: Money, Fame and Sex.

EI Rep: Could you expound that a little bit? How are these three the cause of powerless Christianity?

Lucifer: These are the elements the word revolves around today. The person who has these at his beck and call is on top of the world. So however spiritual people try to be, they have to attain all three at certain levels by all means. In Biblical times, most people devoted their entire lives in service to God.

Today, even men of God have to perform more administrative roles than spend time relating with God, which is in its own way a step to becoming one or more of the trio.

EI Rep: So are you saying a Christian must be poor, unpopular and a virgin to be spiritually powerful?

Lucifer: Possessing the three is not the problem. The process involved in acquiring them is the problem. Most of everyone’s time today will be chiefly spent chasing one or more of the three. Power is from God.

If a Christian wants to be powerful, he must spend time with God to get it. And you cannot do that much today, because you have to spend that time chasing some or all of the three.

EI Rep: Is there any way out to this? Or frankly speaking, is all hope lost for the modern-day Christian?

Lucifer: Haha…wow, I am giving you too much information, you know? It seems you have forgotten I am not on your side. Who would give all such deep secrets to an opponent?

EI Rep: Oh yeah, we understand that, but you knew it was going to be like this before accepting our invitation, right?

Lucifer: I sure did, which is why we have to close dockets soon. I cannot give you everything. We must end it somewhere. Let’s do your last five questions.

EI Rep: Okay. Last five. Before we start counting, please address the previous one. Can the 21st century Christian also become powerful in the midst of the time-wasters you mentioned?

Lucifer: Oh certainly. Sure. There are Christians today who still get physical angelic visitations. The key to experiencing the power of God is to live perpetually in His presence. You should go about your daily work, school, social and personal activities cognizant of God’s physical presence around you. And invest a lot of time in fellowship with Him. It’s more difficult to do that in this age, but people do it. And they see the results.

EI Rep: Thank you for that. What’s the next big thing for humanity? What should we expect moving on?

Lucifer: Oh no. You just wasted one question. That’s not for me to say. I told you, I avoid pondering over the events of the future. If you want to know, it is all outlined in your Bible.

EI Rep: Alright. Next one. At what point does someone become born again? Is it when they say the sinners’ prayer, get baptized in water or when they start to speak in tongues?

Lucifer: That’s a good one. The answer is none of them.

EI Rep: Okay wait…let’s do a follow up question on that. What happens when someone says the sinners’ prayer?

Lucifer: Nothing happens if nothing happens. Okay, let me explain…

EI Rep: Right. Please do.

Lucifer: Becoming born again is a spiritual event. The physical manifestation of that spiritual event is a perpetual conviction and decision to continually put God in charge over one’s life; that is, making a commitment to live one’s life doing His will, and not that of self. That is it. Everyone who is born again has that conviction. People get born again before/after sinners’ prayer, before/after baptism, and before/after speaking in tongues.

Let me tell you this: the Bible is a spiritual book. Most of the concepts in it make sense only in the realm of the spirit. If you interpret it to just fit into your physical life, you will get it wrong almost all the time.
For example today, the church believes that “with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation”.

Yes, the Bible said so, but it is not the physical mouth it meant. So don’t force people to say a bunch of words and assume they are saved. Think about this: if it were the physical mouth, how would the deaf and dumb be saved?

EI Rep: Woow…that’s breathtaking. Okay now, when does it look to you that Christ will return?

Lucifer: You couldn’t have asked that question in a better way. I surely do not know the day, but I can tell you, 21st century is most probably the last century in the history of this present earth. Okay one more question then we go…

EI Rep: If there is any genuine advice you can give to Christians about salvation, what will it be?

Lucifer: Understand Law and Grace. Everyone under grace will be saved, and everyone under law will be lost. The problem comes when you are under law and ignorantly presume you are under grace.

EI Rep: Really? What makes you sure it is that simple?

Lucifer: That was your last question

EI Rep: Oh no, just give us a little explanation.

Lucifer: [silence]

EI Rep: Oh come on just descri…

Lucifer: [disappears and returns no more]

NOTICE: We shall soon release a commentary on this interview that will answer all your questions surrounding it. Please leave any questions you would like us to address. How did we conduct it? Where? When? For what purpose? What did we seek to achieve/establish? and many other questions will be fully addressed in the Commentary. Stay tuned to Eqay Inspire for updates.

What do you make of this interview? What effect did it have on you? Did you learn something new? What questions do you wish we asked Lucifer? Talk to us in the comment section below

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