Life lessons from a faulty tap

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

Several weeks ago, our tap at the office developed an interesting attitude. As soon as you open it, it starts to vibrate. And not just that; the vibration intensifies as you keep opening. However, when it is sufficiently opened, the noise seizes completely. We had to either keep it closed or widely opened- never midway!

I considered it “one of those things” until recently. As the scenario played out in my mind, I recalled the War Room scene where Elizabeth wanted either hot or cold coffee, but not lukewarm.

From there, I remembered a conversation I once had with a colleague. He asserted that those who suffer most from economic crisis are not the poor, nor the rich
but the middle-class.

Those who live in the poor villages may never know what fuel prices are. Electricity tariffs concern them in no way-they haven’t even seen electric bulbs before. They pay no school fees, sleep in the sand under the most comfortable trees and enjoy life as it comes. It is those who want a modern life, but are not very well-to-do that suffer the harshest economic conditions.

And have you ever headed a bucket half-filled with water? Did you realize it tosses you more than an empty or full one?

The profound lesson

I’m sure by now you also get the idea. Mediocrity in plain words is evil. Most of the burdens and troubles we face result from us being midway.

Relationships suffer the most unbearable conditions, not when there’s a breakup, but when the partner(s) become half-hearted, half-committed and half-present.

The world does not celebrate professionals who are somewhat skilled at certain things. But we doff our hats to those who are fully baked in what they do-the giants, masters, paragons, and experts in chosen fields.

Likewise, lukewarm Christians are also the most miserable. They are abused by the devil anyhow and tossed about by any wind of doctrine.

So I ask you today, what are you doing and how committed are you? If you will do it, then do it well. Don’t also expose yourself to this merciless devil called mediocrity. And don’t say nobody warned you.

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