Life lessons from being scorched by the sun

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

I will never forget this fateful day. I was embarking on a journey and had to board two different cars to reach my destination. Because I’m tall, whenever I am in a sprinter, I always struggle if I don’t get a seat in front. Luckily for me, I had the chance to sit in front in both cases.

But this is what happened: whilst in front in the first sprinter, I was exposed to and cooked by the scorching sun. It was as though I lay unclad in the bare sun during the entire journey. I bitterly regretted taking that seat, and was determined not to repeat my mistake during the next phase of my journey.

When it was time to board the second one, I stared at the empty seats in front with indignation. I had made up my mind. I would rather squirm in one corner of the bus than bask in the sun like dried fish. As such, I made sure I sat at the very corner.

But just some seconds after this second bus took off, it changed direction onto another path, exposing me more prominently to the merciless sun! This time, it was more than bearable. I wonder how I did not get burnt in the process.

Lesson 1

When I finally arrived, I couldn’t stop thinking about the tragedy. As I pondered, I came to learn that there’s a difference between making a right choice and making the best choice. I made the right choice by deciding to change my position, because to my best of knowledge, that was the viable thing to do.

The right thing to do in life, is to always consider all the options available, and get make the sanest decisions. Only that sometimes, the outcome will be a total misfire.

Lesson 2

The reason my “right choice” was not the “best choice” for me, is that my knowledge about the second journey was limited. That is lesson 2.

If we keep walking through life with little knowledge, we are almost always going to make the wrong choices, no-matter how hard we try. Knowledge and information are the bridges between “right choices” and “best choices”.

You will make the wrong investments because of limited knowledge. You will marry the wrong person because of how little you know about marriage life. And the list continues.

For every endeavour we wish to undertake, we must read, study, listen and learn extensively. Otherwise, we might always make “right choices” that will turn out to be “wrong choices” in their aftermaths.

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