Lessons from consuming a bowl of fufu

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

Have you ever been in a hurry to go somewhere, but had an attractive bowl of fufu to consume first? I was there some days ago. As the mouthwatering meal and I stared at each other, one question came to mind: what if I could somehow just ingest the entire dish at once?

But I had to face reality. I was behind time, and this was not the moment to play fantasies. I quickly descended into the real world and did what I could feasibly do to consume my delicacy. And that was to carefully but steadily take my normal-size bites. In no time, I emptied the bowl and dashed off quickly to begin my journey.

As I sat in the car, the little drama with the food came back to me. And I realized I had just discovered the trick to accomplishing any great feat in life. It is just by breaking down whatever we need to do into normal small bites that we can consume one at a time.

The assumption that we can complete great tasks almost at once is like attempting to swallow an entire bowl of fufu. And that is the reason we fail or don’t succeed too well. A case in point is how a student waits all term/semester and try to somehow finish an entire syllabus within a week to exams.

For any great task we want to accomplish, we will be successful if we break it down into small bits that we can complete daily. Ever wondered how our forefathers traversed great distances on foot? They took it in bits every day. Gigantic ancient monuments like the Egyptian Pyramids and The Great Wall of China were built using the same technique.

So writing a book may be your Egyptian Pyramid. But writing an article is not; which means, by breaking a book writing project into daily article writing, you could finish your book in no time.
Reading a thick book (like the Bible) may seem onerous, but it becomes easy when you take it chapter by chapter every day.

God in His own wisdom divided our earthly existence into days, and gave man wisdom to create broader divisions like weeks, years, decades; and centuries and minor ones like hours, minutes and seconds.

This was a divine provision to help us accomplish everything that seems impossible to us at first sight. Instead of sitting back to stare in fear at the mountain of challenges before us, all we need to do is slice them into bites we can chew every day, and soon, we would be through!

All your big dreams are achievable. Just split them to fit in your daily schedules and exercise consistency. You will be shocked how quickly you will pull them off.

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