Words of wisdom from Dr Joel Kyeremeh

With all his unfathomable wealth, King Solomon shockingly said having a good name was far better riches. But “good name” is not the only asset that is better than riches.

In fact, Dr Joel Kyeremeh’s awe-inspiring quote reveals that among all the “kinds” of riches we should aim for, money is the least on the list.

Don’t get it wrong. The problem is not with having money. The problem is with having only money.

Check out the amazing quote in the picture!😊

About Dr. Kyeremeh

Dr Joel Kyeremeh is a 24 year old Alumnus of Kwame Nkrumah university of science and Technology. He is the 1st and only boy of three children. Dr Kyeremeh is currently a medical intern at the Sunyani Regional Hospital, Brong Ahafo.

He is also a professional medical Blogger and enjoys playing Chess as a hobby. He is a solemn member of the church of Pentecost and single.
And in addition, a humanitarian with strong ambition to influence his generation medically and professionally.

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