Lessons from the “back” of a lady.

A post by the Ebenezer Agbey Quist

I figured out not long ago that I could effectively use the time I spend in early morning public transport by broadcasting Eqay Inspire messages. This was exactly what I was busily doing the other day as I quietly took a perfect window-seat.

While at it, though, I was suddenly interrupted by giggles all around me. I raised my head in curiosity and realized our car was held in traffic. But that was not why my colleague passengers were tittering. It was a lady crossing to the other side of the street who was “entertaining” them.

She had donned tight leggings and a sparkling top she pulled to cover her “backside” tightly. At that very “area” where her top covered “it” was a bold inscription meant to pull attention. Because she knew her “behind” was heavily-endowed, and that many pairs of eyes were going to fall on her, she so confidently took quick steps as she crossed the street to get the “duo” wriggling.

No-wonder I heard giggles all around. Everyone had their eyes on her. Many times, in similar situations, I just ignore and focus on my business. This time round, by the time it occurred to me to avoid taking a glance, I had already observed everything there was to see. How ridiculous!

So the green light beamed and our car moved, and I paused to think about what had just happened to us. Three things baffled me: the lady herself did not see what we saw; what she was displaying made her so confident; and she was also hard to ignore.

From these, I gathered that one great factor that adds on to our selfconfidence and self-esteem is taking great care of the part of our lives we ourselves don’t see. When we do that, we automatically become icons other people admire and cherish.

So if you live in a compound house where no one really minds how they treat the bathroom, you must take it upon yourself to leave it behind, neatly swept whenever you are done. That’s your behind.

When you’re moving to a new house, don’t spoil the sockets, or break the bathtub to punish your landlord. No, leave your back in very perfect condition. Imagine the smile that would fill your face when you meet that house owner at the mall one day! You relate confidently with a free heart because your backwriggles” on admirably.

In life, the manner in which we treat anything we are leaving behind affects us as we go. If we leave things behind in great conditions, we are freed from unnecessary guilt as our back speaks good of us; it makes others look unto us; and it revamps our self-confidence. Lesson learnt!

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