Life Lessons From a Cancelled Examination Paper

A post by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

When you are blessed with great roommates, you learn lessons for life. Here is one profound lesson I learnt from one of my roommates when I was in level 400.

In that particular month, it was very hard to find any of us (my roommates and I) in the room because we were almost always busy with something elsewhere. When you are working on a lot alongside your academics, you are bound to have very tight schedules on many occasions.

And it was also the month for mid-semester examinations. That meant, we had to somehow combine our numerous activities with intensified studies. One of the evenings after an exam, I came to the room, and there was Evans!

We hadn’t had a good talk in a while. This was the time to catch up. As we conversed, he shared how two of his exams scheduled for that day went. He was frank. With the little time he had to prepare for both papers, he realized he could only prepare for one.

So he made a pick, studied it very well, and left the other course unattended to. On his way to the examination center, he prayed that the one he did not adequately prepare for would be cancelled.

Well, he had it his way. It took a dramatic turn of events, but at the end of the day, only the one he prepared for came off. At this point, he looked at my surprised face as we both had a hysteric laugh.

Then, he made a statement I would take with me for the rest of my life. I naturally expected him to affirm the goodness of God, explain how He will always have our backs, and end it there.

Instead, he said words that got me thinking: “When I came out of the hall, I just thanked God, and told myself to go and sin no more”.

It occurred to me then, that it is not always that God covers up our mistakes. Otherwise, no thief would have ever been caught, and our unproductive behaviours wouldn’t have negative consequences.

This is why the immediate line of action after we get any near misses in life, shouldn’t be to feel proud, but to warn ourselves to not repeat such errors in life again.

So when you make it marginally through a job interview, a near-death experience, a career threatening case, or a mouthwatering temptation, don’t just beat your chest in pride.

That is the time to sit back and identify the factors that nearly caused your downfall, and put in measures to eradicate them in your subsequent engagements.

The reality is, we won’t always be so lucky.

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