LIFE LESSONS: When a “yellow-yellow” broke my heart and a taxi mended it.

A post by Fredericka Amfo Boakye-Duah

One of the ordeals of those without private means of transportation ( who want to chill on Friday nights) is the wait for public transportation to take them back home (after chilling). 

I found myself waiting at the NOBISCO Junction hoping for a taxi back home in the evening after rewarding myself (chilling) for a fruitful week. Fifteen minutes of waiting, no vehicle. The vehicles that passed by were either full or not interested in picking up passengers.  

As the 15 minutes progressed to 20 minutes, a thought dropped in my head about how hard life is, with or without Jesus. This thought wanted me to proclaim it, instead I prayed. “Dear Lord, please I really need a vehicle to take me home.”

In less than a minute, a “yellow-yellow” pulled up in front of me. Myself and another lady got in and I thanked God for a quick response to my prayer. Before my Thanksgiving could even reach the roof of the vehicle, the driver parked the vehicle to pick up a call. 

After the call, He turned back and bluntly told us to get down from his vehicle because his “customer” had called him to come pick her up from church. He further explained that he was already on his way to pick her up when he  made a U-turn to pick us, hoping to make some quick cash before getting to his “customer”.

We were too shocked & tired to argue with him or express our displeasure. We quietly alighted and resumed our wait for another vehicle. 

Ow but didn’t I thank you for providing the vehicle? Why do you take it back in a such a painful w..?” I gave God the “ebi me wey you do me like that look”.

Before I could end my whinning an empty taxi pulled up and took us to our destination.

THIS short episode reminded me of some relationships I thought was God sent which came to an abrupt end and left me broken hearted only for me to get a better one. It reminded me of opportunities I lost the same moment I had them. It reminded me of some unhealthy relationships I held on to and even prayed about almost everyday.

And these were the life-lessons that jumped out to me…

A newspaper article about “Yellow-Yellow

Not all answers to our prayers are God-sent. Anyone who has given attention to the “yellow yellow” (aka Mahama cambu) vehicle knows how reckless its drivers are; it is actually an almost death sentence each time you board it.

Some relationships, jobs, opportunities are like “yellow-yellows”. They might show up as answers to your prayers but they actually are death traps.


GRATITUDE does more than we think it does. I’m quite sure it was when I thanked God for supplying my need that He found a way to take that “supply” (yellow-yellow) from me because it wasn’t HIS SUPPLY. 


DON’T hold on to things that are not yours. I could have pressed on the driver to take us to our destination but I knew his true customer who was more entitled to that ride was waiting (this is to the sidechicks/sideboos or anyone who truthfully knows or senses that what they are holding on to isn’t actually theirs but someone else’s ). 


HOLDING on to the wrong things can kill or severely hurt you. I knew I was putting my life at risk by choosing that means of transportation. 

You might think you need that job which contradicts all your values; but seriously do you? You might think it’s okay to stay in that abusive relationship because it pays the checks; but is it?


LET GO OF YOUR PAST. That relationship (amorous/platonic) that ended was never yours from the onset.

Stop chasing, staying in or holding onto yellow-yellows when your portion is a taxi. I realised that evening that, that customer at church deserved and easily got the yellow yellow. 

That was her portion. I could have insisted on a ride with her driver but that would have meant He driving really fast and without caution with his one aim of getting back to his customer at church on time.

How many of us are being rushed in life by another driver because He has to get to another destination which is not with you? 

Let the yellow-yellows go so your taxi comes.

(The waiting period is a topic for another life experience )

Yellow-Yellow is a local parlance for the yellow tricycle below. It is a term well-known in the Northern parts of Ghana.

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