AMAZING: have you also heard the Ground-Breaking Story of The ROGUE Foundation? 

It’s been less than 2 years since ROGUE Foundation was founded, but close to a thousand underprivileged people have already benefited in various forms from its coffers. This is recorded to have included orphans, street kids, physically challenged, intellectually challenged (autistics), kids in general and even prisoners.

ROGUE is also widely known for her three flagship programmes organized every year namely: Love Connection, Take it to the Orphans and Giving Awareness which are held at the beginning of the year, mid-year, and end-of-year respectively.

Coming up just this August, ROGUE again, is tirelessly working around the clock to embark on a “TINGSUNG PROJECT”. 

TINSUNG Primary School
Structures of TINSUNG Primary School
Present state of TINSUNG Primary School
Class 1 and 2
Class 3
Class 5

This TINSUNG project by the ROGUE Foundation is aimed at helping the school build a library, adorn classrooms with furniture, provide school uniforms, clothing, shoes and stationery for pupils, aside providing assistance to parents and the community at large.

Could there be more to ROGUE than we know?

These achievements certainly raise both eyebrows and questions. What is the real motivation behind all the hurly and burly the ROGUE Foundation is going through? 

Speaking to Ebenezer Agbey Quist of Eqay Inspire, the founder of ROGUE, Alice Ama Erwuah, made it known that there is even more to it that meets the eye. The Tinsung Project is only a step to exploring new grounds that ROGUE has never treaded. 

In her own words, “a proposal was just sent to us of this place (referring to Tinsung) in the Northern Region (of Ghana) by a friend serving in a school there and we decided to undertake the ‘TINSUNG PROJECT’ 

When asked what the real motivation behind the entire hustle is, these were her words: 

God does not come down anymore, but He uses people to bless those in need. We are willing to be those vessels ready to be used. We believe it is our small contributions that come together to make a big difference in the life of these children and their families. There is still more blessing in giving and as our motto implies, ‘we want to be the reason behind their smiles‘”

What is the vision of The ROGUE Foundation?

The long term goal of The R.O.G.U.E. Foundation is to be a beacon of hope to people worldwide by putting up orphanages, youth centers and rehabilitation centers for all manner of people in diverse needs of physical, spiritual and emotional help-most especially those being forced into child slavery, labor and prostitution.

Why all of us should support The ROGUE Foundation

As a wise-man once remarked, “just as the sun does not shine for itself, the tree bears no fruit for its own benefit, and the air blows not for its own enjoyment, we all have a mandate to let our lives and our resources be of benefit to others.” 

If this is reason enough for us to provide alms, then the fact that our resources will draw smiles on faces, inject hope into the hearts of the deprived, and provide  life-transforming solutions, (just like the case of The ROGUE Foundation is a reason more than enough to lend our support. 

How to Support ROGUE and/or their TINSUNG PROJECT

Become one of the background pillars pushing ROGUE to do these humanitarian works, particularly for the TINSUNG Primary School. 

Donate any amount in your capacity to the mobile money number is 055 599 3761. 

For donations in kind such as clothing, shoes, or book please contact +233273883690, +233271471645 or +233544371871

It is only in joining hands together that our little efforts can become significant achievements. We need your hand too. 

If you share this message, someone may also see and lend their support. It’s worth it.


Long live ROGUE, Long Live Eqay Inspire , Love live our world.

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