Vital life quote from Abigail Gyamfi 

Most of us only discovered in our childhood that there were some individuals in charge of us. 

We knew someone called “mum” and another “dad” who both made sure we had everything we needed at our disposal.

It almost never occured to us, they were once like we were, and that they had to mature through harsh realities in order to take care of us well. 

As we grow up, we are mandated to learn to take responsibility for our own lives, and that of others. This transition demands a lot in various shapes and forms, but we must not disappoint. We must live up to it. 

See how Miss Abigail Gyamfi’s beautiful quote summarizes all these in just one sentence…

About the author

Abigail Gyamfi is the founder of OGA Golden Solutions, a company that provides livelihood for women and young people by empowering them to make customized and protective apparels and other safety gears.

She is passionate about STEM education. She is the Co-Founder of Eagle Wings Examinations Consult; a consultancy company that promotes the enhancement of the educational system in Ghana competitive to the rest of the world. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from KNUST.

She is an entrepreneur and humanitarian committed to helping people succeed. She promotes student and youth entrepreneurship. She loves teaching and mentoring. She is a mentor for A-Zone Network. She volunteers as an advisor to the Nuelloxford Charity Foundation. 

She was honored among the top 60 young leaders for her outstanding performance in entrepreneurship in Ghana by Coca-Cola. Abigail is a Barack Obama’s Young African Leader (YALI Fellow, Nigeria Cohort 4).

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