Life lessons from flushing the Water Closet [by Fredericka]

By Fredericka Amfo Boakye-Duah

“Mommy, mommy come flush the toilet please! Mommyyyy…” She screamed and pleaded simultaneously. My three-year old niece had just finished taking a dump but the water closet was failing to flush.

Her mother comes to the scene and realises the flush tank was now getting filled with water which is why she couldn’t flush it. She explains it to this lovely girl in simplest terms but she keeps throwing tantrums.

All she wanted was for it to flush and no explanation for otherwise was acceptable. 

I saw myself in that three-year old and I know I am not alone in this. 

Most of us make petitions to God, make declarations and the like and are not patient for them to manifest. For us, it is just another betrayal and denial from God. 

We get angry, disappointed, hopeless and even shut down our faith! When we do that, we are acting like the 3-year old just described. God is not limited in or by His resources. He might be limited by His great plans for you but definitely not incapable of intervening. 

In His quest to make you live up to your full potential He might have to delay you or deny you some opportunities but that doesn’t make Him incapable of providing your needs. 

Imagine your favorite fruit or meal and ask yourself How anyone can create something so beautiful, tasty, satisfying and just perfect? You might not be intrigued about the food as I am but look at the awesomeness of the mountains, humans, animals , trees etc. 

Do you think The one who created these cannot attend to your needs?. He might not be responding at the moment for a reason or He might be explaining why He won’t “flush at the moment“.

Why not praise Him for His great plans for and keep trusting that when the flush tank is full,  a glorious flushing will take place? If you keep insisting He flushes with any little water that accumulates in the tank, you will just be stirring up more mess and extending your waiting period.

Rely on Him and trust that He would flush at the appropriate time. Trust the giver and the process. Our Lord is faithful.

Thanks for reading!

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The writer

I am Fredericka Amfo Boakye-Duah, a Christian, an agent of change and lifelong learner.

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