My first trip to Kakuum National Park and what that adventure taught me.

The first time I went to the Kakuum National Park was the last time I did, but I observed something I will never forget. Walking on that walkway was one of the few times I saw people completely mindless about what anyone else thought about them. With a terrified countenance, even some of the most quiet, reserved “types” were assiduously singing songs of redemption.

All of that was interesting to see, but one thing I also noticed was that everyone walked at a pace according to their level of fear. The higher the fear, the slower they paced. 

Let’s back off a bit. At the starting point of the walkway, we the tourists, were made to go in small batches. About 7 people would be made to begin and when they moved some distance away, the next group of 7 would also start. This, we learnt, was done to ensure the weights didn’t get too packed to cause any havoc. 

As we journeyed on, however, a second kind of grouping evolved. The more courageous ones caught up with the group just ahead, leaving behind a terribly terrified soul who would also be caught up by the courageous ones of the subsequent group. 

Maybe you don’t understand. You see, the issue is, the walkway is a very narrow path. You cannot walk past anybody. If you have the courage to move fast, soon, you will catch up with someone who is scared. And since you cannot bypass him/her, you must walk as slowly as they are walking, and they become your leader. So every group ends up being led by someone who is highly terrified.

The Lesson

I pondered over this observation some days ago, and I began to understand life’s situations in a different way. When people decide to live life anyhow they wish, the effect is not only on them. They slow down the pace of other people by either becoming burdens or negative influences.

The minister’s son who chooses to be a smoker, soon contracts ailments that drains his father’s investments. The pace of progress on other projects the father has therefore slows down. In another case, a pagan father brings up children who must learn life the hard way, swimming in different sins and filth, instead of living in God’s refreshing way. Their pace in life is slowed because of the unrefined nature of their dad.

This is why some families battle with poverty, why some children end up so irresponsible, why some communities are so underdeveloped, and why some countries are so indebted. When a predecessor or leader is “deformed,” they lead everyone around them to journey at their slow pace. 

All of us lead people at certain points in our lives. And we must decide not to be the stinking rag, negative influence, or the rotten tomato that does nothing but spoils the other members. We must deliberately choose not to be the ones to tune down the destiny of our kids and our family.

So before you say that it’s your life and you can live it anyhow, please understand that it is not just about you. If you won’t live right for you, don’t be so heartless to drag innocent ones in with you. If you won’t do it for you, for their sake, at least, do it. We beg you. 

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