Lessons from cutting pieces of paper

I’m privileged to work as one of the Quality Control Personnel at a branch of Wilmar Africa Limited. As part of our job duty, we continually run analysis and make our findings known to all the respective departments. 

Because of that, nearly-cut pieces of papers are very dear to us. We keep records of all our values, but when any department urgently requests for some particular test results, we take delight in laying them out legibly on the cut papers for them.

The interesting thing about these pieces of papers is, they’re not cut with scissors or blades. We don’t always have the luxury to go for those. So we use our hands.

All you must do is to fold an A4 sheet in halves, press hard at the edges and tear apart. Repeat the process a couple of times and you’ll get cute paper sizes. 

As I did this yesterday, an important life-lesson jumped out to me. I tore one piece apart, and it didn’t tear neatly along the straight line where I pressed it. One half got a piece of the other half.

I realized that though the paper tore unevenly, the problem was not with the tearing. The problem was, I didn’t press on the edges hard enough. In order words, my result was bad because my preparation was inadequate. 

As I thought about this, I discovered what happened to me, is actually the main reason for any failure in life. 

Think about it…

INADEQUATE PREPARATION is the reason students fail exams. It is the reason job seekers perform poorly during interviews. It is why many start-ups fail within the first few years. It also the major reason for the poor performance of sports teams. 

The results are always bad, if the preparation isn’t intensive. Even the loss of an election can almost always be traced to campaign flaws, unconvincing policies and previous bad records. It all has to do with the preparations you make before the final day.

So take a cue from this too. Do not kick-start anything you plan to do, without putting in place every expertise needed for success. Failure might be lurking at the next junction.

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