Not all that glitters is NOT gold


You are working in an ultramodern gold plating factory where your machines are highly efficient. Immediately you drop a metal inside your equipment, it comes out seconds later, fully plated with gold. One afternoon, you receive an urgent call to stop your equipment. Of all the copper coins that were sent to be plated with gold that moment, there mistakenly was dropped in them a real gold coin. 

You look at the hundreds of coins you already plated, and they are all shinning like pure gold! You know there is a gold coin in there, but all of them are sparkling the same way! So you start testing each of them to find the real gold. It gets stressful because each one you take, though appearing as gold, tests negative. You are about halfway through, and you begin thinking none of the coins is actually gold. 

“They probably made a mistake, thinking there’s gold in this,” you said to yourself. But to make sure your company does not make a great loss by selling a gold coin as copper, you keep checking. About one-quarter remaining, and still no gold! Ten more to go but no gold! 

At this point, you are basically testing them to prove your suspicion right. It’s now left with two. You reluctantly test the first one and alas! There it is! The real gold! How remarkable! Out of the excitement, you impulsively test the last one too. And you get the shock of your life! It’s also gold! The gold coins are actually two! The last two! How amazing!

After making all your bosses jubilant with the good news, you sit back later, pondering over the entire drama. Then it drops in your mind this happened before. But that time, it was a gold-plated copper mixed up with pure gold coins. After finding the copper you told yourself, “indeed, not all that glitters is gold”…but now, you know it also works the other way: “not all that glitters is NOT gold.”

How This Story Affects Our Reality

Hidden in-between the lines of the above narrative lies the way out for our trouble today. Presently, we are just like fishes surrounded by an entire sea of deception! And this is why sensitive issues like spiritual matters, the word of God, eternity, living right, doing good, staying pure and living holy have all become disgusting issues to many. We are bombarded by their deceptive versions, almost everywhere we turn. 

We have heard so many “men of God” looting church resources; we have seen many “great church leaders” bend frailly to simple temptations; we have seen and experienced how people who we thought were “sent from God” have defrauded others, taken sexual advantage of people, merchandised the gifts of the Spirit, and what have you!

And there is still more. On incalculable occasions, we have listened to lots of people say all kinds of things about the second coming of Christ Jesus. Many predicted dates that proved false. Almost everything that’s now said about the end time only look like an attempt to gain popularity or to induce unnecessary fear in people.

Just like reaching the midpoint in the search for gold coins, and having the urge of giving up, many people today have given up on the gospel. Instead of zealously seeking the authentic versions, they would either assume there is no truth in God, or respond reluctantly to anything Godly.

What Should We Do?

Truly, as humans, when we are constantly confronted by a lot of fakeconfused, and incoherent “gospels” coupled with hypocriticalill-mannered, and pathetic “Christians”, we may start doubting that anything authentic (gold coins) exist among the countless deceptions (copper coins). 

But must we for the fact that deceit is plenty, ignore the possibility of truth? Should we assume all miracles are deceptions? Should we conclude that God would not give us a peaceful life, just because we see many “Christians” not having peace in theirs? Or like an unwise athlete who stops running because another athlete has fallen, should we abandon the Christian race, just because other Christians are falling and failing? Or must we keep our eyes fixed on the finish line?

Too often you would hear someone say, “oh so if a pastor can commit this sin, how about a member like me?” That assertion is wrong in its absolution! Every human being, from the Pope, and the Very Reverend to the church cleaner are all athletes in the same Christian race.

Your Christian life is not about what your colleague “Christians” are doing. It is about what Christ did on that cross, how he lived, how he wants you to live and how he will reward you for doing so. You cannot fix your eyes on any human so much that if they backslide, you would also be affected.

In fact, any athlete’s falling should rather make you more determined not to end up like them, but to finish your race well! So be honest with yourself! Don’t just be carried away unsuspectingly into gross unbelief. Pause and ask yourself some hard questions. Forget about what modern “Christians” are doing. And focus on what Christ did. Go back to the roots and get it right for yourself. It is him you are following and no one else.

Why You Cannot Take This Lightly

This whole talk about God is too crucial to leave to chance. You cannot play loose games with where you will spend eternity or even how your life on earth turns out to be. Don’t be adamant about this. Don’t be reluctant about it. Don’t be swayed by the hullaballoo. Not all that glittering around us is NOT gold! Not all are fake! Some are pure and true!


There is a God and there is a way to worship Him through Christ. There is a way to seek Him in truth and find Him. So be mindful of your ways. Give yourself to learning and seek truth like gold coins that your life depends on. 

And if no one else is living by them, then become that Christian with a difference—one that will also prove to others who are doubting the faith that it isn’t everything that is glittering that is NOT pure gold!

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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