3 People who have PROVEN that you don’t need good looks!

Inarguably, the most prominent factor that weighs down on the self esteem of most people is their negative perception about their physical appearance. It hinders many from even putting themselves in the limelight. 
If you are struggling with this stigma, then the hard pill you need to take is that “how you look does not matter!” That is not to give applause to putting oneself out of healthy shape or to encourage the behaviour of leaving oneself unkempt. 

The point rather is this: your natural looks have no correlation with your potential to make it. 

These people have proven it. They may look worse than the average person, but they are achieving more than them as well. So why shy away from taking giants steps merely because you feel you are not too attractive? Answer it sincerely when you finish reading.


Meet Ciera Swaringen, the lady who was born with mole-like birthmarks all over her body. You can just imagine the bullying she was put through by other kids whilst growing up. 

Yet, after all these, she has been able to build her confidence to a level, many people never reach with the excuse of looking bad. Ciera is in the media space spreading positive messages and encouraging others in similar situations as herself.


Some people keep cursing themselves for having lost a finger in an accident, having been amputated or even simpler ones like being bigger or thinner than they wished. This man called Nick Vujicic did not lose an arm or a leg. He was born without any limbs with no medical explanation!

He struggled with depression, bullying and felt so bad about himself that he nearly committed suicide. But today, Nick is not only a renowned author, actor and musician; he is also a motivational speaker and an evangelist. Is that not ironical? These achievements are mind-blowing! And many normal-looking people with similar dreams discourage themselves under the pretext of looking bad. 


Lizzie Valesquez was once told by a stranger to “do the world a favour and commit suicide”. This is just one example of the maltreatment she also underwent. Was it her fault to be born with this rare congenital disease? 

Nonetheless, she has been able to get into the public eye too. Now she’s a renowned public speaker, anti-bullying activist and an author. 


“I am not beautiful” or “handsome” is only an excuse. It cannot stop you from making it in life. Well, it can…it can, if you let it. The choice is yours!

Compiled by Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Author of Reformed Or Deformed)

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