​“Some external factors interfered with the system’s normal operations!” It is almost impossible for any disaster to strike without this singular basis. Nature, industrial processes, court proceedings, vehicular movements, air and water travels amongst many others, lend credence to this fact.   


If sea water finds its way into the hollow areas of a ship, the ship sinks (direction of motion: from outside the ship to inside); when external air gushes into an airplane, chaos ensues (direction: from outside the plane to inside); products get contaminated during manufacturing processes, if not well shielded from the environment (direction: from outside the product to inside). A lawyer’s strategic plan is mercilessly distorted if he keeps getting hit in the face with unveiled secret deeds of his client (direction: from outside the lawyer’s strategies to inside). 

Even in hatching, if a fowl’s egg is broken from the outside, the life of the fetus is destroyed (direction: from outside the egg to inside); but when this same egg is cracked from inside, the opposite happens—a new life is born! 

External influences, even with the tiniest negligence, can be gravely destructive. That is also why if we leave our food easily accessible to just anything that chances upon it, we can be assured of its contamination. In our own lives as well, the rule remains the same. If our lives are constantly under the influence of the happenings around us, we open up ourselves for massive destruction. 

Allowing the random pressures of life to get inside us (Outside—In) is simply a path we cannot afford to tread!


It is a pathetic reality that the greatest factions of humanity end up living a life they never wished for. If it is near impossible for all our dreams to come true, then how are some individuals able to make it so enviably? So then, if it is possible to achieve all (or at least most) of the things we desire, why don’t we do them? Why don’t most of us live accomplished? 

Meanwhile, did you know that our minds always structure ways we can achieve all our desires? That’s right; anytime you conceive any idea, the mind already starts thinking how it can be done. At the point of conception of an idea, the headquarters of your being already begins the inner work that is necessary to produce the outer results you want to see. 

For all the dreams, goals, aspirations, and heart desires you have, all you need to accomplish them is to simply comply with your inner self, and just do as it says! If you wish to excel in an exam, your mind would already figure out that you need to study every day, do all your assignments, and so forth. Your part is just to stay on course!


It is never that we don’t know the things we must do. We know the actions that will birth our heart-desires. We only fail to execute them. And the reason we fail is because we allow external influences to interrupt with the internal conviction we have. 

The student may know (within) that he must study, but he would give in to the external pressure of watching football or a movie instead. Once you allow outer factors to break into your inner beliefs, you are allowing sea water into your ship; you are breaking your egg from outside. And looming doom blooms a boom! Your dreams get shattered into pieces!  

This cannot be your story. Everything you do outwardly must be a reflection of your inward passion. Nothing must get in the way! Be unshakable! Guard your heart strongly, and the desires in it! Be focused and resilient!

That’s how you get things done! This is why it is exceedingly helpful to have plans. Plan your days, keep it in sync with your goals, and execute all of it. Refuse to live outside-in! Let all your actions be influenced by your long term visions and goals. 


How can you always live inside—out when you sometimes need to take external advice? The truth is, even when someone shows you a path to go, don’t just go down that road in sheer obedience. Don’t just do it because you were told so, but because you understand why it must be so. That way you still live inside—out!

The only exception is GOD. HE is the only one who has proven trustworthy in doubt. Just like the case of Abraham, HE could take you down a path you have absolutely no idea about and you would still reach HIS promised destination. 

Take in all advice, but screen them well and make an informed decision. If not, you may only realize later that you have lived another person’s dreams with your entire life. And even worse, it is very likely you would be misdirected. Because unlike GOD, no man can understand all your issues the exact same way as you! 

GOD himself works with the inside-out principle. That is why HE does HIS work on our inside. When you are born again and become a new creation, the change only occurs directly inside you. No wonder, causing righteousness to enter us from our outward deeds was becoming disastrous, and thus, GOD rather gave us the gift of righteousness on our inside, so that we live it, inside-out!


Don’t be one of those who are tossed to and fro by any wind around them; it is a killer disease to many life dreams. Your aspirations are not outside you! Reach inside you, and strongly permeate the storms of life with the amazing life stored within you! 

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