Some months ago, I paid a visit to one of my brothers who had 2 cats that shifted my outlook on life. I observed them keenly all the time, and I could almost not believable how the simplest of such daily events can sometimes answer some of our deepest life questions. Allow me some minutes as I quickly run you through the awe-inspiring lessons I picked from these cats. I bet you will be shocked too.

1. When uncertain, hold back awhile.

The first thing you would notice when you enter the house is for Snowbell and Garfield to be on their heels. Don’t take it personal. You don’t look scary. They do it to every unfamiliar face. Whenever they see anything strange, their first action is to go into hiding for a while and observe what happens. If from their checks, everything seems to be fine, they then start familiarizing themselves with the new state of affairs, with Garfield normally leading the duo. 

The only sad side of the story is, Snowbell sometimes stays too long to her detriment, because atimes, she even misses her favorite meals while under cover.


Just like these cats, we are bound to encounter new, strange and unfamiliar situations or individuals on our journey through life. Sometimes, it is that new investment company offering mouthwatering returns, a sudden appearance of a skin-enhancement cream all over the market, a newly transferred church member that brings down a heavenly atmosphere, or an “angelic” lover, who pops up in your life and is running you head-over-heels in love, as they seem perfect in every way. 

NEVER let your FIRST line of action be to EMBRACE any sudden change in your life.

Don’t be too quick to throw your life savings into that new investment bank account. Don’t start assigning leadership roles to that new “Holy-Ghost Filled” member so fast. Do not start buying that cream too. Don’t be in haste to marry that “angel”. Stay back for a while. Make all your checks and inquiries. Be sure what you will be in for, before you decide to accept the situation.

And yet, be quick with your checks. When your inquiries reveal genuineness, don’t hesitate any longer. It is time to explore! Otherwise, like Snowbell, you may miss great life-changing opportunities if you are perpetually hesitant. 

2. Understand that you can’t understand.

Our two pets show emotions that range from uncertainty to anger towards us. And it’s mainly because we are two different creatures reasoning at different levels of understanding.

Many times, we have had to hit them away from live electrical wires, force them into their space when it’s time to sleep, or push them aside when they threaten to snatch the meal we are preparing for them. 

When we are protecting them from accidents, they think we are merely preventing them from enjoying the entire playground. When we prevent them from snatching the meal we are scrambling together for their pleasure, to them it is an unreasonable delay. And atimes, they bruise us with their claws in the process. 

Meanwhile, all we ever did has been to give them the best conditions of life. They just need to trust us that our thoughts for them are only good and not evil.

In any case, we understand because our thoughts are not their thoughts. They are just cats and we are human. It would take them to reason as humans to be able to understand.


In this exact same way that cats cannot understand humans, humans can also not understand GOD

GOD withholding a blessing from us for a while won’t do HIM any good. 

Everything HE does is all about giving us the best conditions of life.

When HE is protecting us from danger, we may think HE is preventing us from living in liberty, and enjoying the “pleasures” of life. We may see waiting for HIS appointed time as an unreasonable delay.”

But we must understand we are only humans and HE is GOD. We cannot reason at HIS level of understanding. HIS thoughts are not our thoughts and HIS ways not our ways. 

And though it might sometimes not feel like it, HIS plans for us are only for good and never evil.

3. Constant exposure escalates communication 

We are humans and they are cats, true! Our minds don’t reason at the same level, true! But we communicate in some ways. When you are calling them to play, they sometimes relate well. When they meow continually too, we know they’re registering their interest for something. 

Where my lesson lies is that the more we spend time together with Snowbell and Garfield, we discover more means of effectively sending out messages to them, and getting their replies. What does this mean?


We may never be able to completely understand GOD and the things HE does. But if we make time to relate with HIM more often; and once we are able to retain a constant exposure with HIM, we begin to understand HIM more and more. 

Communicating with GOD becomes cordial with constant fellowship. 

To be able to know which decision GOD wants you to make, HIS purpose for you, or whether HIS wants you to marry Jessica or Joyce, you stand a higher chance of knowing what HIS opinion is, if you continually fellowship with HIM. 

4. We are all unique

The day I realized behavioural differences between Garfield and Snowbell, I was amazed. Garfield is more outgoing and welcoming. He is always the first to attach himself to any stranger, and he is tolerant. When we serve them a kind of food both of them don’t like, Garfield would endure to finish a portion at least, unlike Snowbell who would not even taste it. She is the exact opposite in all these.


This taught me that our environment is not the only contributor to our character setups. Even two cats growing up in the same environment, behave differently. So by nature, we as humans might possess tendencies to act in certain ways which of which some can be uncomely. 

I have always thought it is wrong to say one is impatient or quick tempered by nature. But my two lovely creatures forced me to think otherwise. 

But then, here is the difference. Though we humans may naturally possess an inclination to be to rude, sad, or even feel inferior, for us, Change Is Possible! 

To the attributes in us that conform to worldly patterns, Romans 12:2 tells us we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. To those inborn traits that make us lazy and unproductive in life, there is abundant literature, counselling and inspiration we can derive from resourceful sources to keep us going. 


Every event we experience everyday, however insignificant they may seem, are inherent with awe-inspiring lessons for us. Just be attentive, and you might never need counselling to get through anything in life.

Written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Author of Reformed Or Deformed)

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