Too much to be ungrateful!

Which of the social media networks is your favorite? Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, SnapChat, or Youtube? Well, maybe yours is none of the above but the point is, there’s something we all love about social media. 

The FIFA gamers, the Kumkum Bhagya enthusiasts and the Korean Series lovers; which versions and episodes couldn’t you afford to miss for anything? 

Clearly, entertaining ourselves is so exciting and we engage in them very spontaneously. But did you ever pause to realize that you couldn’t have done any of them if you were blind?

What if you were BLIND? 

See how we rant when there is blackout during the night. We cannot bear to live without electricity for even one day! How then would it be to have a permanent blackout all day long, night and day, forever? Think about that.

It would mean no hope to enjoy “a day made with glass,” or to truly experience the vast technological advancements.

How about having non-functioning ears?
Probably, those who say “music is life” would rather opt to die. Take a moment and recall your favorite songs and just imagine being unable to ever hear them or even the sound of any alphabet. You would never hear the doctor’s advice for you, that powerful message that changed your life, the funny jokes or the heart-warming melodies from musical instruments. 

What if you were DEAF?

But you are not. You have this too! All for free!

And your limbs? 

Would you play football or do that sport you love so much? Would you run to safety when there’s any danger? Would it even cross your mind to ‘dress to kill’? These and other questions would have had a straight-no answer if you never had your limbs; your hands and legs. 

Without doing anything to earn them, they have been given to you as well.

The privilege of literacy

Many are those who heartily wish they were able to read and write. And they could sacrifice anything for it-the very thing we mostly take for granted. It is true you made the effort to learn the skills, but what about those who never even got the chance to?

Reading a piece like this or everything else there is to teach you to become successful, is a chance they long for but don’t have. 

So how would your life be, if you never got the chance to be a literate?

I got to understand the value of this gift when two men sought my assistance to settle an argument. They were staring at a funeral poster and needed the name of the deceased to be sure who it was. They were staring right at the name, but could not make any meaning out of the letters until I was called to help. 

They could see, but couldn’t see. It’s only a privilege to be in the position of a literate, where you can see and be able to see.

A healthy mind 

If you have ever visited the home for mentally challenged people, you could literally be shocked to realize the profound privilege you have. 

The three months’ syllabus some of them have to cover is to learn to brush their teeth. They just can’t put it together in their mind. Here you are, with the extreme ability to think, analyze, deduce and learn. You cannot take them for granted, good friend.

It is not as though we earned these abilities in any way. Others were born in the same way as us and found out they lacked something everyone else had. It could have been you or me.

So before you go out again to look for a whole series of Korean movies or animation videos; before deciding to spend an entire weekend chiefly on football matches; before you perform any activity that will involve any of these gifts you have, why don’t you think of a more efficient use you can put them to?

Why don’t you do something more valuable every time? 

Do something more profitable. 

Entertaining yourself doesn’t mean being unproductive for some time; reading educative books, watching life-transforming movies, documentaries and the like can be done for entertainment as well. But they improve your life too and make an efficient use of your gifts! 

Structure your life so well that absolutely no moment of it is wasted; that you don’t misuse or abuse any of these privileges.

As it is said in common parlance, ‘to whom much is given, much is also expected.’ Never forget: everything you have was given to you for a purpose and you are accountable for what you used them for.

These endowments give us more than enough reasons to be grateful in life. In case you are physically challenged in any, it would still be unfair to consider what you lack. Rather value the ones you have and be grateful. 

Be grateful. You have more than enough reasons to be.

(Ebenezer Agbey Quist)

Kindly share this piece with your friends. I believe it could lighten up their day. 

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