How to make $300 million in ONE NIGHT!

The whooping 300 million!

In September this year, 16 African countries were hosted in Ghana for a football tournament dubbed WAFU CUP 2017. Please don’t shout, but the grand prize for the winner of this highly-contested event was $100,000. 

Few weeks before that, in the bout between Mayweather and Mcgrego, both parties (combined) walked home with a total of $ 300 million! This is no small money, folks. If 16 countries found it prudent to travel from far and near to contest for $100 000, you certainly cannot undermine 3000 times that amount. 


How were Mayweather and his contender able to raise that whooping amount in one night?

In one night? Wait a minute…

Let’s get deeper with an illustration. 

If it takes one week for a farmer to harvest a hectare of maize, would you say it took him one week to generate the hectare of maize? Well maybe, but that would be inaccurate. The process started right from the seed procurement time and included seed sowing, farm cultural practices, growth and harvest periods to get that harvest. 

What you can take from this

This is how things work in this world. There is time for planting, time for growth and time for harvest. The harvest might be the most fulfilling part of all, but at the same time, it is undoubtedly not the most important. 

The most crucial and sensitive moments are when you have to fight the pests that try to ruin the plantation, drought that threatens to nullify all your efforts, and the thieves that try to rob you off. 

Once you are able to succeed through these moments, you could even get through the harvest with a blindfold. This is why the revenue from the harvest must cover the cost of every other activity that led to the harvest, before profit is said to be made.  

How the “Mayweathers” apply this

There have been times Mayweather would get up in the morning and not feel like training—a pest, but would do it regardless. He understands that the harvest is more dependent on the cultural practices than the harvesting itself. 

If he gave chance to laziness and procrastination, he would have lost some fights, and would not have gathered 200 million in his last bout. There probably wouldn’t have been any reason at all for that fight. Even if it happened, it simply wouldn’t have had the same excitement, publicity and returns.

He took advantage of the planting times and so he reaped the harvest. He yanked out the pests, and so his harvest was preserved. Understand your seed time. Nobody will pay you for working late nights on your spoken word, artwork, studies, or prayers. 

That is the season for planting and growing. But if you keep working; if you refuse to be discouraged by the pests of laziness, mockery, discouragements and all their classmates; but rather keep pressing on, your harvest will be portentous. 

As you sweat through the tough times, understand that your efforts will handsomely pay off to cover for all your current efforts that seem to be yielding nothing. 300 million dollars in a night is not mythical. It is simply the mystery of seasons.


Your efforts will pay off to cover for your unrewarded moments, if you give no chance to pests. What the two boxers got was not overnight success, but overnight harvest. Once you preserve your crop, the harvest will be plentiful. 

Yours may not be necessarily fixed at $300 million, but it shall surely be extremely remarkable. So keep working!


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