What’s the way to measure the extent of love and care that someone has for you? Is it by what they sacrifice for you, the goods they lavish on you, or the words they say to you? 

All the above may work to an extent, but one other important way to determine how well you are endeared to someone’s heart is how concerned they are about the details of your life. It is good to know this is on two sides: the person might just be nosey or sincerely concerned about you.

And so someone could be bothering you with numerous questions like the reason you used a pink nail polish on your left thumb at 3:15am 12 days ago. And honestly, such incessant queries can be very irritating, but what if the person just knows every small detail of your life without ever asking you about them?

The Mind-Boggling Scenario

For instance just imagine having someone who -without asking you- completely understands how your body works as a person, knowing every allergy and exactly how your breath paces when you are happy or angry. 

And without any inquiries, they could tell what food you would wish to have for supper, the specific part of your body that is aching, and be certain what exactly is bothering you regardless of how well you try to hide it. 

It is said that at a point in your life, the only person who will believe in your goals is you. But what if by some means, this same person is able to figure out your exact aspirations and puts in every resource they can afford to see them fulfilled? 

That kind of friend would be a dream-come-true acquaintance for many people! Yet from one end, it might seem like that calibre of person does not exist. Because, if they did, it would mean you are probably the only thing they observe, study and think about all day every day. And that’s near impossible. 

The Amazing Revelation!

Well, we are not just fantasizing. It is amazing to announce to you: it has been fully established that there is someone in your life like that. The person understands you much more than you could ever imagine.

In fact, He cares so much that He has numbered every string of hair your head!  (Luke 12:7) And come on, He has absolutely nothing to pry about, which tells you that His deep interest in every small detail of your life is completely because of how much He cares about you.

It’s interesting, whenever we talk about the greatness of God, we are tempted to think HE is only great in size and deeds. But no, GOD is all in all. 

Just imagine, the same person who made the Milky Way Galaxy, was the one who designed the Hydrogen Atom. He is greater than all the billions of galaxies there are, and also knows what is going on in the quarks, bosons and leptons of every atom there is, at the same time. 

Not to mention you—you are an open book before him. He knows you cover to cover and letter to letter. There is nothing you could ever hide from him. And he understands all your struggles before making his numerous promises for your life. 

You can never be too bad for him to make good; you can never be too unrighteous for him to make righteous; you can never be too poor for him to cloth with wealth. 

Just Yield to HIM

If He says you should seek him first and he will add every other thing unto you (Matthew 6:33), He knows exactly what He is talking about. He knows all your needs, all your thoughts, all your fears and all you love and desire. 

He is interested in making you happy and giving you greater things than you could ever imagine about yourself. Now, if He is that much concerned about you, be sure you can trust Him. 

He cannot lie or go back on His word (Numbers 23:19). And His word provides the modules to riches, relationship, success, and what have you! (2 Peter 1:3)

Just seek His kingdom first as He has asked of you and it will shock you how He will deal with issues to get your life swept into order. 


GOD cares for each of us, as though there was only one of us. He already has every small detail of your life. Yield to Him freely. Otherwise you would hinder Him from fulfilling His wondrous plans for your life!

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